The More Things Change…

Except for diehard Hillary supporters, everyone seems to agree the primaries are over.  Either Barack Obama or John McCain–barring divine intervention–will be the next President of the United States.  The next five years are going to be the most perilous in our nation’s history, not from our external enemies, but from our internal ones.

Conservatives are going to have to decide whether it is better to have Obama opposed by congressional Republicans, or McCain supported by his compliant colleagues, in the Oval Office.
I confess; I do not know which would be best for the country in the long run.  Either way, we can look forward to a continuation of the assaults on our liberties and further deterioration of our constitutional protections.

Both candidates are running as agents of change.  John McCain will attempt to make a few positive changes.  He will attempt to cut out, or at least, cut down on “earmarks” which are little more than bribes for campaign donations.  That is something that is sorely needed to help restore some amount of integrity to our political processes, but will have little effect on a 3.5 trillion dollar budget.  McCain will also prevent the precipitous withdrawal of troops from Iraq, which would throw the Middle East into chaos and present added dangers for national security.

Even though McCain talks about cutting the size of government, he has offered no concrete ideas for doing so, like abolishing the Department of Education, Energy Department, or any of a myriad of other departments that accomplish little, and in most cases, aggravate the problems they are supposed to alleviate.  In fact, his two most prominent programs, “cap and trade” and healthcare would add thousands of additional bureaucrats to the government payroll while, at the same time, playing havoc with our economy.

Obama’s idea of change is for conservatives and Republicans to sit down and shut up.  While he talks about bipartisanship and compromise, you would be hard pressed to find a single example of where he has practiced what he preaches.  Bi-partisan, to a Democrat, always means the opposition abandoning their principles and letting them have their way.  Until that happens, there is no compromising with a Democrat.

As for his social programs, Obama is offering no change at all unless you consider an exponential acceleration of a hundred year trend as change.  America has been drifting toward socialism since Teddy Roosevelt, our first Progressive President, in the early twentieth century.   The change Obama is offering is to speed up the process and give us instant socialism without going through the agony of watching our liberties disappear one at a time.

The energy bill wending its way through congress even as you read this, would in effect, give the federal government total control of our entire economy.  Although it is stalled for now, it is only a matter of time until it comes up for a vote, either in this Congress or in the next.  Both Barry and John support it, so either would sign it when and if it comes to their desk.

I began my life during the great depression.  If this bill ever becomes law, I probably will reach the end of my life in a depression greater than the one in which I started.  The American economy will have gone full circle, most likely taking the rest of the world with it.

The change we really need in America is to reverse the trend of the past hundred years and return to a nation that respects the rule of law, especially the supreme law of the land, our Constitution.  Virtually all of today’s problems are in proportion to the extent in which we have abandoned the founding principles that sustained us for the first hundred fifty years of our existence through periods of war, economic up and downs, climate warming and cooling and facilitated our becoming a nation that is the envy of the peoples of the world.


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