Thank God For $4 Gas

It’s difficult to get the attention of the American people. Most work hard to improve the lives of their families, and provide an education for their children. Often there is barely enough time to keep up with the fortunes of their favorite sports team or who got voted off American Idol. For the most part, they feel they have done their patriotic duty when they go to the polls every two or four years. Never mind that a high percentage of them have no idea how the candidates they vote for stand on any of the issues.

While the American public was not paying attention, the socialist movement has been slowly chipping away at our Constitution and moving us ever closer to the Democratic Socialist model of government. It has been said that at election time voters always vote their pocketbook, regardless of what is best for the country. This year the two are the same. Fortunately, the price of gasoline has finally gotten the attention, of the voters, and their interest is renewed every time they fill up their tank.

The goal of the socialist movement has always been to gain control of our economy and use it to promote their version of “social justice”. Their method for attaining this goal has been the redistribution of wealth through taxation and increasing their control over the economy through regulation. Few Americans are fully aware of the inroads the socialists have made in our government over the past seventy years.

They have gained control of our education system from kindergarten through university, the mass media, the courts, the federal bureaucracy and the Democratic Party. They have set up a fifth column dedicated to undermining our entire system of republican government guaranteed under the Constitution. At the same time, they have set up a shadow government within the bureaucracies that make the occupant of the White House almost inconsequential. Their most valuable asset in the conquest of America has been the Democratic Party which is controlled almost completely by socialists.

Energy is the lifeblood of a capitalist economy. The liberal/socialist wing of the Democratic Party has been pushing for years for high-energy prices, supposedly in the interest of preserving a dwindling natural resource. Over the past fifty years they have lamented the fact that gasoline was cheaper here than in Europe, periodically suggesting an increase in the gas tax as a means of making it more expensive, long before “global warming “ and greenhouse gases ever came into vogue.

They always met with limited success until they hit upon the myth of anthropogenic global warming pushed by radical environmentalists. Over the years they managed to convince the American people that a “pristine” environment—whatever that is—and the welfare of the spotted owl and the caribou is more important than the welfare of us lowly humans. still, it was only when they began using the variations of nature as a tool for social control that they really began to make headway. In the seventies, they warned us of a coming ice age that would destroy crops and lead to widespread famine. Today it’s global warming that will destroy crops and lead to widespread famine.

By the skillful use of the threat of a coming catastrophe they have managed to gain the passive cooperation of the American people. By manipulating the government, they have succeeded in blocking every prospect of increasing the supply of energy for almost half a century. They have successfully blocked the building of oil refineries, nuclear power plants, curtailed the use of coal, and all but stopped the exploration and drilling for new sources of oil. Perhaps the current spike of gasoline prices could not have come at a better time for the welfare of America.

No set of circumstance could be better for showcasing the differences between the competing theories of government than the debate that will take place over the next few months concerning the rise in the cost of living caused by energy prices. Both the cause and the cure are so obvious it will be difficult for the liberal/socialist/democrats to disguise their objectives. It’s not rocket science. The more energy that’s available the lower the price. We have more than enough known energy sources for the next hundred years but the Democrats refuse to allow for its development and use. Instead, they have hinted they will use the current crisis as an excuse to nationalize our energy supplies.

As preposterous as that might sound, a number of Democrats have broached the subject in recent weeks, beginning with Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Cal.) threatening an oil company CEO in a congressional hearing a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, a congressman from New York suggested nationalizing our oil refineries. The very though of nationalizing our energy supply makes socialist hearts beat a little faster. If they can control energy, they will control the economy and finally realize a goal they have pursued for the past hundred years.

The coming debate will test the power of the left and the gullibility of the American people. There are only two options, get government out of the way and allow the free market to operate or permit the government to take control of our economy and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Liberty or tyranny? It’s our choice.

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