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A Party of Deception: Part 4 – The Energy Game

The battle over lifting the ban on offshore and Alaskan oil drilling will have been an exercise in futility if Obama becomes President and the socialist/democrats take over both houses of Congress. Nothing is going to happen in Washington that is beneficial to the American people this year, as far as the current oil crisis is concerned. The socialist/democrats in Congress have made up their mind; they are not going to allow more domestic production of oil for as long as they can prevent it.

The Politico reported Tuesday that the House Democratic caucus has a carefully though out strategy for the next three months to get them through the November elections. That strategy involves Nancy Pelosi standing firm and not allowing a bill to come to the floor that would authorize a lifting of the ban on new drilling leases. She doesn’t have to worry about reelection because her position in Congress is secure, since she represents San Francisco socialists who are one hundred percent in agreement with her on the subject, and will give her overwhelming support in November.

The socialist/democrats fully expect to take over both houses of Congress by a big margin, as well as winning the White House. The only objective, in their mind, is to run out the clock. The only hurdle they have to overcome is one of timing. Oil prices went even higher than they expected, sooner than they expected, causing the American public to suddenly start paying attention and demanding action by Congress.

This development threatens the reelection of some of the congressional socialist/democrats from conservative districts. According to Politico, Pelosi has given permission for Congressmen whose reelection is uncertain to break from her position in their campaigns. For the benefit of their constituents they can demand a vote, demand more drilling, or whatever else is necessary to satisfy the folks back home. Nancy has promised to dig in and not allow a vote anyway, thereby making Congressmen who seem to be going contrary to party wishes appear to be heroes to voters in their districts.

If the congressional Republicans who are currently camped out in the House can persuade President Bush to exercise his constitutional authority and recall Congress to Washington before September 3, when they are scheduled to return, she may allow a vote anyway, if the conditions are right. For that to happen Republicans must agree to a plan that is acceptable to the socialist/democrats. It is not likely that Bush will reconvene Congress because he knows it will accomplish nothing. He may however, if he becomes convinced it will help the Republican cause in November.

Should Congress be reconvened, and the socialist/democrats become convinced holding out until November would be too much of a political risk they will allow a vote on a compromise plan similar to that offered by the Senate “Gang of 10”. Under the plan, a token amount of off shore drilling would be permitted in exchange for a continuation of the ban on most of the areas under debate. All new exploration and drilling in the Pacific would be off limits, as would the Atlantic north of Virginia. New exploration and drilling in Alaska and the continental U.S. would also be kept off limits.

To sweeten the deal even more for the socialist/democrats, there would also be an ample supply of taxpayer dollars to fund pet projects like alternative energy and new technology. The strategy here would be to get all they can before the elections, just in case things do not go the way Pelosi and other socialist/democrat leaders expect. If they win with the margins they expect in November, whatever agreements they reach in the meantime will be meaningless, because they can be canceled by the next Congress. If they lose, they will have at least gotten most of what they wanted from the bargaining.

It is difficult to believe that a political party in America could actually want to cripple our economy, and that disbelief on the part of the American people is the safety net that prevents the socialist/democrats from being thrown out of office. The fact is they do want to wreck the capitalist system because they view it as the personification of evil. Their long term objective is to replace it with socialism.

It’s not that they want to make things tough for you. In fact, you do not matter at all as an individual. You only matter as a citizen of the state. The problem is that the Democratic Party has totally bought into the socialist doctrines of the perfectibility of man held by secular humanists and the sacredness of the earth held by the environmentalists. They believe the use of petroleum as a fuel is damaging to the earth and it is their duty to end it. The concepts of individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness enshrined in our founding documents are foreign concepts to the socialists. The only thing that matters is the collective welfare of the people as expressed through the state. What is best for that collective welfare is best determined by the political elite, according to their thinking.

The best strategy for the conservative Republicans in Congress is to hold the line on renewing the drilling ban when it comes up for a vote on an appropriations bill at the end of September. They should refuse to allow the ban to be attached as an amendment to any “must pass” legislation at all costs even if it means shutting down the government for a while. Any compromise on this point is a victory for the socialist and a loss for the citizens of America.

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