Democrats Nominate Most Hard-Core Socialist in Seventy-Six Years

On Wednesday, the Democratic Party officially nominated its second hard-core socialist candidate for President in history.   The hope is that he will be able to finish the work began by Franklin D. Roosevelt some seventy-five years ago.  Like Roosevelt, Obama supporters bristle at the label of “socialist”.  This in spite of the fact that the policies he has outlined during his primary campaign have been virtually 100% socialistic.

While America has never had a declared socialist as President, two have stood out for their socialist policies: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Roosevelt put socialism on a firm footing in American politics, with the “New Deal”, after steam rolling the Supreme Court. Later, Johnson ratcheted it up a few notches with his so-called “Great Society” programs.

Roosevelt was hampered somewhat in his efforts by the strong feelings of patriotism and nationalism prevalent in the American people as a result of the World War Two effort.  Much of that patriotic and nationalist spirit has been dissipated over the years by the rise of liberalism.  Like the proverbial bullfrog in a pan of water, most Americans have failed to notice the advances of socialism pushing aside liberalism and taking over the Democratic Party during the past few decades.

Even more important is the fact that a large number of the “baby-boomer” and later generations have embraced socialist programs with open arms.  Today the country seems to be somewhat evenly divided between those who still believe in the American ideals on which the nation was founded and those who believe in utopian collectivism.

The contest in November will be divided among those who believe in the Marxist philosophy of government, those who believe in Jeffersonian republicanism, and those who know little or nothing about either.  To a large extent, the future of America will be in the hands of uninformed voters.  Hopefully enough of these will still have the historical characteristics of the average American who values individualism, liberty, and self-reliance, to reject the lures of socialism and vote in favor of liberty.

If, by the grace of God, we are able to postpone a complete socialist takeover of government by electing John McCain and hopefully, a Republican Congress, we are by no means, out of the woods.  The reaction of the socialist/democrats to the loss of congressional power in 1994 followed by the loss of the White House in 2000, gives us some idea of what the next eight years will be like in American politics if John McCain wins the Presidency in 2008.

At best, we will have four or eight years to rebuild the conservative movement, before Hillary Clinton makes another bid for the White House.  Short of a government reformation, returning to the concept of a Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law and inalienable rights, the best we can hope for is a delay in an eventual takeover by socialism.


2 responses to “Democrats Nominate Most Hard-Core Socialist in Seventy-Six Years

  1. There is no conservative movement…the neoconservatives have kicked it to the curb. And, with 8 years od disaster and John McCain’s distate for these neoconservatives will now regulate them to the history books as the most disasterous in modern American Histroy. And thank God for Franklin…one of the best presidents of the century and 4 times re-elected. He saved America from the previous economic collapse of America and it’s only fitting that Obama and a new progressive era unfolds. And, by the way, sociallsm died many years ago, centralized authority doesn’t work collectively for the few just like Bush’s current corpoarate socialism doesn’t.

  2. Strider333
    “The contest in November will be divided among those who believe in the Marxist philosophy of government, those who believe in Jeffersonian republicanism, and those who know little or nothing about either.”

    Thank you for making my point.