Barack Obama, Karl Marx and You

The debate over whether or not Barack Obama is a socialist is beginning to gain some traction with the frequent references by Sarah Palin and John McCain to Obama’s desire to “spread the wealth around”.   The media consensus is that attempting to brand Obama as a socialist is counter productive because the American people do not consider it important and the Democratic Party is able to relate it to “name calling” and “dirty politics”.  The problem is that most Americans do not recognize socialism when they are confronted with it.

Karl Marx identified socialism as the stage between capitalism and communism that follows a revolution by the proletariat.  In classic socialism, the means of production are owned and controlled by the workers.  As an economic theory, socialism is over two hundred years old.  During that time, hundreds of variations have developed around the world.  Today very few, if any, economies meet perfectly the classic definition.  Most economies are a mixture of socialism and capitalism.

In spite of the fact that there are hundreds of different varieties of socialism, all of them rest on a relatively few basic principles.  In the modern world we live in today, there are two principles that identify the socialist philosophy: the distribution of wealth and state control of private property.  It is the exact opposite of capitalism which rests on the principles of wealth accumulation and owner control of private property.

Socialism operates as a parasite on the body politic.  It takes the earned wealth of the productive members of society and redistributes it to the less productive members until all the accumulated wealth is dissipated.  If unchecked, the process continues until all members of society, with the exception of the ruling elite, are living in deprivation and poverty.  Average citizens are eventually reduced to a state of servitude to the state.

The lifespan of socialist systems vary according to the amount of wealth to be redistributed.  On average, a system dominated by socialism seems to last about fifty years before it collapses in economic disaster.  Mixed economies such as those in Western Europe and North America last a little longer because the capitalist parts of the economy keeps producing wealth even as existing wealth is being dissipated by the socialist segment.  The rise of socialism in America can be dated from about 1930 which means we are living on borrowed time.

The primary vehicle by which socialism has advanced in America is the system of progressive taxation.  Taxes are used by Congress to accomplish three goals.  First is the constitutional purpose of raising monies to pay for the legitimate functions of government.  However, taxes are also used for two purposes that are definitely not authorized in the Constitution.  One is for social engineering where tax incentives are used to encourage behavior desired by Congress and tax increases on behaviors Congress wishes to discourage.  The other is the purely socialist function of redistributing income and wealth.

The Constitution, in Article 1, Section 8 empowers Congress to levy taxes for the purposes of carrying out the enumerated powers of government and requires that they be evenly apportioned among the several states.  The Sixteenth Amendment allowed for the collection of taxes on income and repealed the requirement that they be evenly apportioned among the states, but it did not authorize the use of those taxes for purposes other than those enumerated in Article 1.  While it is true that socialism cannot survive without progressive taxation, it is equally true that socialism in America cannot exist when the U.S. Constitution is followed.

Americans have become so accustomed to progressive taxation they no longer consider whether it is constitutional, and they never consider the fact that it provides the only foundation for socialism in our system.  In fact, between forty and fifty percent of Americans seem to embrace socialism as the best economic system.  No other explanation can be given for Barack Obama’s current poll numbers.

An Obama presidency could very well represent the interim stage between Capitalism and Communism foreseen by Karl Marx.  A vote for Obama is a vote to ultimately live under a Communist Government.  Consider this as you cast your vote on November 4th.

4 responses to “Barack Obama, Karl Marx and You

  1. A very good article explaining socialism and capitalism. Capitalism seems to be working quite well in the United States today, huh? Most economists would agree that a mixed economy might be the better choice – one of checks and balances rather than “trusting” that corporations, financial institutions, Wall Street will act and produce in legitimate ways. I think we are experiencing one of the downfalls of Capitalism – GREED. The last paragraph is the one that is most disturbing as it is nothing more than a fear tactic stated by a conservative (I presume) (such as your presumption that we will ultilmately be communistic because of Obama). I’ve seen McCain in action over the past few months – NO THANKS and I’m a registered Republican in Arizona.

  2. Have you actually read Marx’s economic writings, I wonder?

    The prima facie evidence is ‘No’. You seem to be suffering from the usual problem – you willfully misunderstand things you are too lazy or complacent to read.

    You can make a start here:

    with volume 1 which describes how surplus value is extracted from workers to form the basis of capital accumulation, and much else besides.

    You probably prefer ignorance, though.

  3. Kay

    A mixed economy does not provide checks and balances, only an undermining of free markets and our liberties. What we are experiencing today is not capitalist greed but socialist excesses. Before you condemn capitalism, please do an exercise. Make a list of all the things you have that make your life easier and that are the products of capitalism. Start with the computer you composed your comment on. Include your car, wardrobe, cosmetics, refrigerator, etc, etc. When you have completed that list make a second one of all the things you have that are the products of socialism. Compare the two lists.

    It was Karl Marx who said that socialism was the transition stage to communism, not me. I only pointed out that voting for a Marxist socialist for president is giving the green light to eventual communism.

    Fear Tactic? Yes, I’m scared as hell because I love my country and I believe in our Constitution as our only defense against tyranny.

    McCain is not my first choice either, but he is a far better choice than the alternative.

  4. Mr. McDaniel’s assessment and treatise is right on the mark.

    The US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 gives the power and responsibility to Congress as follows: “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”

    The Clinton administration in 1999 supported the basic cause on the Wall Street failures we are now experiencing which actually permitted greed to prevail [i.e., AIG, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers]. The law was the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act. This is also the act which has fueled the engine of identity theft by appropriating your personal information and giving it free of charge to the entire financial services industry without your permission. This law recreated the Wall Street betting parlors which were previously outlawed in 1907.

    The problem was worsened by Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd who blocked further regulation of Wall Street two years ago by allowing people who could not afford homes to buy them.

    Basically, Congress completely failed to “regulate” commerce and actually permitted greed to prevail. You do not see the left wing media talking about these issues because they are in the tank for Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama’s strategy is clear. Mobilize the left wing media to ignore any criticism of his agenda that will not serve to get him elected AND promise a tax cut to about 90% of the people who vote. This approach virtually purchases the election by promises of government entitlements to a vast voting block and clearly is a winning strategy to an ambivalent and superficial voter.

    However, if Barack Obama is president, his tax increases to small businesses and the wealthy will result in decreasing or negative job growth because these are the people who create jobs. Our apparent recession economy will get worse and threaten a depression. He will select judicial nominees who will support his left wing agenda and somehow find in the Constitution some justification of such. Lastly, he hasn’t a clue how to be the Commander in Chief. As a result, other people who we did not elect will make these decisions for him.

    “Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, will produce internal tensions which will lead to its destruction. Just as capitalism replaced feudalism, capitalism itself will be displaced by communism, a classless society which emerges after a transitional period—socialism—in which the state would be nothing else but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.” [see: ]. Since 1776, Karl Marx has not prevailed in the USA and has been proven wrong over time many times.

    Kay and Mike, please re-read the US Constitution and save this comment and get back to me in a in October 2009 if Barack Obama is elected. Then, one side should make an apology.