Restoring the Constitution

First in a series

2008 has been a year of crises.  Crises in energy, housing, and
credit have all made for a very dramatic year, with the antics of
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich thrown in at the end for comic
relief.  2009 promises to usher in the most serious crisis of all, a
crisis in government.  The forces of socialism and capitalism
threaten to clash head on with the American people caught in the

The real casualties when it is all over are likely to be the U.S.
Constitution and individual liberty.  The two are intricately linked,
each dependent on the other.  Liberty in America cannot survive if
the Constitution is overthrown and the Constitution will not survive
if  we allow our liberties to be eroded under the pretext of solving
our current economic crisis.

The path to this point in our history has been long and arduous.
The first “in mass” departures from a constitutional government
began in another economic recession after the stock market
crash of 1929.  In a panic, the American people elected our most
well known “progressive” President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Riding roughshod over the Constitution and the Supreme Court,
Roosevelt ushered in the new deal.

Putting together a coalition of liberals, socialists and
communists, with the assistance of leading journalists still
enamored with the promises of the Soviet revolution, Roosevelt
was able to establish himself as the savior of America.  Modern
historians and economists have in recent years begun to paint a
picture that is quiet different from the fable spun by Roosevelt
supporters.  We now know that the policies of Roosevelt actually
turned a serious recession into the Great Depression and then
strung it out for almost a decade.

The outbreak of World War II and Roosevelt’s death just prior to
victory assured him a special place in the legends of American
Presidents who died in office.  After a four year hiatus in the
manufacture of consumer goods, the pent up demand after the
war’s end ended the depression and brought the stock market
back to its pre-’29 level by the early 1950s.  The comparatively
prosperous years of Eisenhower’s Presidency provided little
incentive for a further critical examination of the Roosevelt policies
allowing his legend to continue to build.

Unfortunately, one of those taken in by the Roosevelt legend is
our current President-Elect, Barack Obama.  Obama has already
indicated that he will attempt to replicate many of the Roosevelt
policies once he is sworn into office.  Most of the ones outlined so
far by Obama have already been tried during the 1930’s and
found to be ineffective and often counter-productive.

Indications are that the first six months of 2009 will mark the
biggest expansion of federal government in history, eclipsing both
the New Deal and the Great Society.  As the government grows,
liberty diminishes.  The groundwork has already been laid during
the waning days of the Bush Presidency making in more difficult
for the Republican Party to oppose the growth of government
during the Obama Presidency.

The only weapon left to American patriots is the Constitution, and
that makes the dubious assumption that the Constitution still
matters to the American People. Restoring the Constitution will
not be an easy task.  After almost a hundred years of ignoring its
requirements by our politicians, we have become so accustomed
to its violation that it will be difficult to once again convince the
American people of its importance.

If the new administration stays true to form with its predecessors,
there will be a concerted effort to control the flow of information
and silence the alternative media.  Should that happen the task of
restoring the Constitution will become even more difficult.  The
parts of the Constitution that will require the most zealous
defense are the First and Tenth Amendments.

We will know the Constitution has been reestablished when we
have dismantled the alphabet soup that makes up the
Washington bureaucracy and returned the sovereignty and
responsibility to the state governments granted to them by the
Constitution.  This will take generations to accomplish and can
only be done after the average citizen has been educated in our
founding documents.  That will not happen until we rescue our
young people from the influence of the socialist indoctrination
centers that make up the education system in America.

The first step in restoring the Constitution to its rightful place in
American politics is for patriots to refuse to accept the social
premises.  For example, the debate over what the federal
government should do to improve education accepts the premise
that the federal government is responsible for education in the
first place.  It is not one of the enumerated powers granted to the
government by the Constitution.

The same thing could be said about energy.  There is nothing in
the Constitution that gives the federal government ownership of
natural resources located within the borders of sovereign states.
Yet in the discussions concerning expanded drilling the premise
is accepted that the drilling for oil in Alaska or Oklahoma falls
under the purview of the federal government.

The list of areas where the federal government has usurped the
sovereignty of the state government is long and varied.  At the
same time federal policies have become so entwined in our lives
that to extricate them is going to be a long and arduous task.
There is no time better to start than with the New Year.


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  1. Very well written article that I enjoyed reading. I will be adding you to my blog roll.

    ~ Mythos

  2. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?