Join the Counter-Revolution

liberty-bellThe socialist movement in America will complete its takeover of the U.S. Government when Barack Obama, a socialist ideologue takes the oath of office as President on January 20.  The ascension of Obama to the highest office in the land marks the end of a hundred year revolution in America to replace our Constitutional Republican form of government with an Americanized version of Democratic Socialism similar to those in Western European nations.

One of the first projects of our new Democratic Socialist government will be to replace free market capitalism with a centrally planned economy with many of our major industries being de facto nationalized through massive regulations.  Of course these changes will not take place overnight.  As with all major changes in any organization as large as the U.S. Government the transition will take years to complete.

It has taken over a hundred years for the socialist movement that started in the middle and late nineteenth century to gain near absolute control of the machinery of government.   It will take at least another generation (about two decades) for the process to complete itself.  The point of no return will be reached when the number of citizens taking from the economy surpasses the number of citizens contributing.  At present the ratio of takers to contributors is about 60-40 in favor of the contributors.

The government expansion planned by Obama under the guise of “economic stimulus” will add hundreds of thousands of people to the government payrolls thus narrowing the gap between takers and contributors.  Social programs and government employees are not contributors, they are takers.  All money spent by the government for whatever purpose must first be taken from the capitalist economy since neither government nor socialism possesses the ability to create wealth.

During the final transition period there is still time to reverse course and return to the principles that made America the wealthiest and strongest nation on earth in less than two hundred years.  The American people are among the smartest people on earth and they usually make the right decisions—when they have the right information.  The problem is that their decision making has been fed a steady diet of misinformation for decades by the mainstream media and a national  education system devoted primarily to indoctrination and propaganda.

The first step toward reformation must be a rebirth of knowledge in American history and the basic American principles originating in our founding documents.  To this end we are establishing a new network of information resources, drawn mostly from the alternative media of the Internet and talk radio.  The first stage is a new feature of the Illinois Conservative, the American Conservative Network. Org.

The purpose of the American Conservative Network is to identify and publicize the most important issues threatening the authority of the Constitution over government actions.  Our long range goal is to help return America to the Constitutional Republic envisioned by our founders.  Time is running out for the American Dream of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“.  Join us in our “counter-revolution” to restore the government to the people while it can still be accomplished peacefully through the power of ideas based on principle.


One response to “Join the Counter-Revolution

  1. Some of my people “complied” with authorities and were either killed outright or forcibly moved from Lappland to Fjarmland. There to be ostracized and either starved into submission, death or to leave for America. Some of my family “complied with authorities and stayed in the path of the advancing North Korean Army in the spring of 1950, they were all killed. Others “complied with Japanese authorities and were used for unspeakable slavery; then killed. Some of my people wound up leaving Germany before the Kaiser could make them into gun fodder. Later some others wound up in Dachau. The lesson of the story is don’t comply any more that you have to in order to survive. Stay low and quiet. Become a burden on the oppressor; but not to the point that they kill you. Monkey Wrench, use and distort their system any way you can. Evil has now completely enshrouded the world. The Messiah is coming soon; hold on baby, just hold on. Help one another as much as you can, even a bit more than you think youu can. Soon we will be doing our own dentistry like they do in parts of the world you dont want to know about. Pliers, dremmel tools and epoxy. Get you kids to medical school; it is the only way they will see a doctor who is not first a slave to an obscene system. If you have lost your house (as we have), don’t cry. They will be taking ownership of all homes soon anyway. I came to America to find freedom and prosperity; now I find the people of darkness have poisened this land too. They may do horrible things to us. Be ready. Always remember: there are two kinds of people; them and us. If you have to ask who they are; you’re one of them.