Obama the Community Organizer is Back

minute-man-2-lithoObama has gone back on the campaign trail to sell his trillion dollar spending plan. Those who were asking during the presidential campaign, “What does a community organizer do” can find out by watching him in action as he attempts to sell the American people on the largest expansion of government in history.

Obama learned his skills on the streets of Chicago following the teachings of twentieth century organizer, Saul Alinsky. The two main elements of the Alinsky model are fear and anger. The hard sell part is fear. In community organizing, the organizer canvasses the community to find out what residents are most dissatisfied with in their lives. Next, the organizer gets members of the community together and reminds them of how miserable their lives really are, exaggerating or emphasizing as necessary.

After two years of the Democrats talking down the economy as the “worst economy since The Great Depression” identifying the dissatisfaction is fairly easy. Now as president, it is also easy to get people together in “Town Meetings”. In these meeting Obama continues to emphasize how bad the economy is, although the truth is that it is nowhere near as bad as “The Great Depression”,—I was there. It probably will be soon, however, if Obama succeeds in his efforts.

The next step is to create a common reason for the misery. It is important to convince those suffering that they are not culpable in any way for their problems. At this stage it is important to set up a common enemy or enemies the problems can be blamed on. Organizing in the community, the enemies are always the exploitative employers, greedy bankers and merchants, uncaring landlords, etc., etc. These “straw men” change only slightly on the national stage. Here they are “Wall Street”, the financial establishment, and the greedy mortgage lenders.

To heighten the feelings of despair in the audience the organizer attempts to sell them on the idea that things will only get worse if they continue to do nothing, thereby creating a need for urgency. The objective here is to turn the supposed “victimhood” of the listeners into anger at those victimizing them. If enough anger is aroused they will be motivated to action. In the community, protests and demonstrations are organized to pressure local politicians and businesses to acquiesce to the demands of the group.

Again, the process changes little at the national level. Now we have the President of the United States traveling the country recreating the forums in which he worked as a community organizer during his early career. The main theme today, as then, is unless immediate action is taken the situation is only going to get worse. Instead of explaining in detail exactly what actions are planned and the possible unintended consequences that may follow, the organizer simply paints a rosy picture of how great life will be if they will only trust in him.

This is the strategy that won Obama the White House and he is counting on it to convince the American People to scrap the Constitution, abandon free market capitalism and accept European style Marxist socialism as the economic and political structure of our government. The problem is that if he succeeds, and it looks as if he will, turning back the change will be an almost impossible task.

To accept the first two premises of the socialist/democrats that “we must do something” and “only the government has the means to help us”, is to deny the evidence of four hundred years of American history and almost two hundred years of world history. Capitalism is the only means found thus far that creates universal prosperity. Socialism, which is nothing more than a parasite in the body of capitalism, never works as promised, and eventually kills its host.

The government’s only legitimate role is to get out of the way and allow capitalism to work. It can do this by relaxing some of its counterproductive regulations and stop draining the economy of funds through excessive taxation and social mandates.

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