The Brown Shirts Are Coming!

minute-man-2-lithoFor the past two weeks we have witnessed the greatest political sleight-of-hand display in modern history, or as magicians call it, “misdirection”.  While the media has kept our attention on the super-hyped bonuses of AIG and other financial executives, other events have been taking place virtually unnoticed by the MSM.

Before I get to those, however, there is something else I noticed as I searched for information.  While surfing the web for details of some of Obama’s new initiatives I noticed a pattern that is somewhat disturbing.  “Official” Obama propaganda is everywhere on the web, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flicker, numerous websites and blogs—some hold-overs from the campaign, others new.  The thing that struck me is the emphasis on Obama as a personality, not as the President of the United States.

For example, most Presidents have been content to use the “Seal of the Office of President of the United States” as their “logo.”  Obama, on the other hand, has his own personal seal, the all too familiar red and blue “O” with the stylized flag across the bottom, and it is everywhere.  Another thing I noticed is that on many of the official sites the references are to “Obama”, not to President Obama.  As I browsed around, I kept getting a mental image of the smiling face of Obama staring down from huge posters on the side of buildings in the fashion of Mao, Stalin, Hussein, et al.

Yeah, Okay…so I am becoming paranoid. Sue me.  Anyway, back to what’s been happening while AIG is monopolizing our attention.  First, last week the House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 1388, the “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” (G.I.V.E.).   Yesterday the Senate voted to move their version of the same bill to the floor on a vote of 74-14.  A vote is expected on the Senate Bill sometime this week.

Since these bills enjoy bi-partisan congressional support, they are likely to pass with little opposition.  When passed into law they will consolidate the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 and the National Community Service Act of 1990 bringing the Peace Corps of President Kennedy and AmeriCorps of President Clinton into the twenty first century and putting them on steroids as the National Civilian Security Corps promised by Obama during the campaign.

Starting with a mere $6 billion in “seed” money the programs are expected to reach their full size by 2014.  All total, the combined programs will employ up to 250,000 paid “volunteers” nationwide. Up to 2,500 uniformed security corps personnel (troops) will be deployed in each state.  From what I can gather by sifting through the sparse information available, most of the “grunt” work will be carried on by Community Organizers, elevating that occupation to the top of the heap.

Billions of dollars in grants and “partnership” arrangements will be made available to faith based  community organizing groups and ACORN affiliates to carry out “approved” programs in local communities.  Meanwhile, steps are being taken to establish a year round, ongoing political campaign to insure Democrat control of Congress and the White House.

David Plouffe, former head of Obama’s campaign for President now heads a group called “Organizing For America”  working out of the Democratic National Committee.  The purpose of this group is to carry out “grassroots” efforts to promote Obama’s agenda, utilizing the millions strong e-mail network and volunteer canvassers  used during the campaign.

On this past Saturday, thousands of volunteers spread out across the county “button-holing” citizens and getting them to sign pledge cards promising to support Obama’s agenda and lobby their representatives for passage of his $3.5 billion budget. Thus far, however, Congress has not felt the effects, according to McClatchy newspapers.

These, and similar initiatives by Obama are much more dangerous to the future welfare of America than the bonuses earned by financial executives or the use of corporate jets a fraction of the size of “Pelosi One” or Air Force One.  They undermine the federalist nature of our Constitution by nationalizing major portions of our private charities and strengthening control of our state run social services by the federal government.  Many of the goals proposed by these bills are certainly worthwhile, but THEY ARE NOT THE PROPER FUNCTION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.


One response to “The Brown Shirts Are Coming!

  1. Barack Hussein Obama II ran his campaign, and now is running his presidency, on a parallel course with that of Phineas Taylor Barnum, the American showman, hoaxer and founder of the circus.

    However, Obama`s circus, while still composed of three liberal rings [the executive, judicial and legislative], has powers Barnum would have envied: the power to print money and the undying blind eye of the liberal media.

    Both Obama and Barnum subscribe to the same axiom “There’s a sucker born every minute”. The only difference is that Barnum`s suckers were consumers who gave him money and Obama`s suckers are consumers who gave him a vote. The “consumers” in both instances were convinced by the same doublethink and doublespeak to act.

    Unlike Barnum who never flinched from his stated goal “to put money in his own coffers.”, Obama has instead never flinched from his stated goal to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Your thesis is correct – – the more beholden “poor” people on the government dole, the better chance of liberals getting re-elected virtually forever.

    Obama`s plan is a brilliant Ponzi Scheme that will only stop when the rich eventually run out of money or the voters recognize the “sucker” label emblazoned on their foreheads. Unfortunately, most folks who voted for Obama even today, have not taken a firm grasp of the obvious!

    And the sad story is that grifters like Madoff can pull these schemes off for decades without ever being challenged

    As a side note, P. T. Barnum never had the Internet to deal with. If he did, Barnum`s critics would have produced something like the following:

    Someday, the sleeping giant mass of voters will wake up. I only hope this will happen before the collapse of the country.