Obama’s Four Year Plan

minute-man-2-lithoThe actions of President Obama during his first two months in office do not to make any sense politically.  Now, as incompetent as Obama appears to be, no one has ever said that he has no sense, so, he must have a plan.   I know, he tells us his plans several times every day even if it means he has to spread the carbon footprints of Air Force One all over the continent in order to do so.  The problem is he tells us his “plans” but never his “plan.”  It always helps in understanding what’s going on if we take a look at the big picture.

We can start by looking at his worldview.  We know from his biography and life experiences that his worldview is socialistic.  Throughout his life, his mentors and close associates have always been adherents of radical socialism.  His childhood mentor and family friend, communist poet Frank Davis, his political patrons, William Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, and his pastor and mentor for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright all contributed to his worldview.

Throughout his lifetime, he was trained and groomed to someday lead the socialist movement in America.  With the help of that movement, he became the President of the United States.  Unlike his icon, Franklin Roosevelt who had twelve years to carry out his socialist plans, and would have had sixteen had not death intervened, Obama has at most, eight.  In fact, it is highly likely that he will be limited to only four years in office.  That explains his frantic efforts to get everything done “yesterday.”

It has become obvious, even to his moderate and independent supporters that his long-term goal is to transform the U.S. into an Americanized version of the socialist nations of Western Europe.  He has only four years to accomplish that goal or, at least, to push it beyond the point of no return.  The critical parts of his plan has to be accomplished within the first two years of his administration while he still has a socialist/Democrat Congress to push his plan through. That is the reason he has been forced to abandon the socialist tactic of “incrementalism” that has served the socialist movement so well in the past.

Although details of his plan puts him at odds with two of the three major socialist parties, the Democratic Socialist of America and the Socialist Party USA, his four-year plan supports the basic principles of both parties and is in lockstep with the Democratic Party, the largest and most powerful socialist party in America, .  Even though not all the socialist parties agree with Obama on every point a look at their platforms shows they are not widely separated in principle.

The four pillars of DSA’s Economic Justice Agenda:

1.  Restoring progressive taxation to the levels in effect before the Reagan administration, and enacting massive cuts in wasteful defense spending;

2.  Ensuring government resumes its appropriate roles through:

  • Providing single-payer universal health insurance, and expanding public initiatives in childcare, elder care, pension security, as well as primary, secondary and higher education;
  • Regulating finance and investment (as was done with the Glass-Steagall Act), controlling interest rates (forbidding usury), providing election protection, ending pollution, strengthening oversight of workplace health and safety, guaranteeing net neutrality, breaking up the concentration of media ownership;
  • Investment in green jobs, clean and sustainable energy, clean water, public transportation infrastructure, publicly financed election campaigns;

3.  Enacting the Employee Free Choice Act – which would restore the right of workers to organize unions and to bargain collectively –as part of a broader effort to rebuild a powerful labor movement capable of achieving equity in the labor market

4.  Implementing a U.S. foreign and trade policy that promotes global institutions that advance labor, environmental, and human rights, regulate transnational corporations, and allow small farmers worldwide to earn a living in their own homelands.

By coincidence, these also happen to be four of the main elements in the Obama Agenda.  That is, if you believe in coincidences.  In order to accomplish these goals it will be necessary to Destroy free-market capitalism and replace it with a planned economy and establish tighter controls over the American population. The basic principle of socialism, redistribution of wealth, is not specifically mentioned in the above list, but is the principle underlying all four.

For a closer look at this part of the plan, we go to the Economic Platform of the Socialist Party USA.

“…2. We call for worker and community ownership and control of corporations within the framework of a decentralized and democratically determined economic plan.

3. We call for a minimum wage of $15 per hour, indexed to the cost of living.

4. We call for a full employment policy. We support the provision of a livable guaranteed annual income.

5. We call for all financial and insurance institutions to be socially owned and operated by a democratically controlled national banking authority, which should include credit unions, mutual insurance cooperatives, and cooperative state banks.  In the meantime, we call for re-regulation of the banking and insurance industries.

6. We call for a steeply graduated income tax and a steeply graduated estate tax, and a maximum income of no more than ten times the minimum. We oppose regressive taxes such as payroll tax, sales tax, and property taxes.

7. We call for the restoration of the capital gains tax and luxury tax on a progressive, graduated scale…” (CPUSA economic platform)

Notice the income spread between plank 3 and plank 6; an annual minimum income of $31,200 for everyone and a maximum of $312,000 for CEOs and other high-earners.  The current tactics of the Democratic Party to demonize corporations and their high-paid executives and the attempt to cap executive pay and bonuses for segments of the economy receiving money from the government, in particularly the automotive and financial industries, may act as a model for future attempts to widen the effort to other parts of the economy.

The same rationale can easily be used for spreading government control of wages from companies receiving bailout money, to companies doing business with the government, to businesses engaged in international commerce and eventually to business in general.

Other parts of the socialist’s platforms that tie neatly into Obama’s plan for a new America include:

“1. We call for public ownership and democratic control of all our natural resources in order to conserve resources, preserve our wilderness areas, and restore environmental quality.

2. “The U.S. must immediately return to participation in international agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocol, limiting carbon emissions, and accept a major role in worldwide efforts to control global warming…” (CPUSA platform on the environment)

1. “We call for the development of alternative energy sources including solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower, and biomass to end dependence on fossil fuels.” (ibid. energy)

3. “We call for an end to the U.S. occupation of the province of Guantanamo, Cuba.

4. We call for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank-East Jerusalem and Gaza, and an end to all U.S. aid to Israel, as a precondition for peace.

5. We support an immediate cutoff of all U.S. military aid to Colombia, and all other recipients.

6. We call for the abolition of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and all other institutions of covert warfare.

7. We stand for unconditional disarmament by the United States…” (ibid. international affairs)

It is clear that unless the American people intervene, Obama will implement the most important parts of the socialist agenda, and that he has only four years to accomplish it.  We have less time than that to stop it.  So, put down the mouse and pick up the phone.  Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them you have had enough.

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