Joe Walsh — Candidate, Illinois 8th Congressional District

2 responses to “Joe Walsh — Candidate, Illinois 8th Congressional District

  1. Joe has a well produced video however, Chris Geissler clearly stands out as someone who embraces the values of the Tea Party movement while expanding upon those values to include traditional CONSERVATIVE positions such as pro-life without exceptions…Joe Walsh is pro-life with exceptions…not exactly a conservative stance. I also appreciate Geissler’ more intellectual, solution based approach to solving our problems compared to Joe Walsh’s angry “jolt and revolt” diatribe. Where are the solutions Joe? We DON’T need a whining, alarmist politician whose sole focus is to disingenuously jump on the Tea Party bandwagon in an attempt to win an election; a desperate measure in my view as Walsh usually loses elections instead of winning them. What we DO need is an authentic conservative statesman who is willing to listen and fight for all citizens of the 8th district, including Tea Party members, so that in November, we can all put Melissa Bean on the unemployment line and stop the socialist agenda. Please consider Chris Geissler for Congress in the FEB 2nd Republican Primary.

  2. You do not have your facts correct. Joe Walsh is 100% pro-life WITHOUT exceptions. (Read his position on his web site).

    Joe Walsh is the only conservative in the 8th to be endorsed by major Tea Party groups.

    You make Chris Geissler look petty by spreading lies.