Anti-Health Care Bill Petition to Illinois Senators

The Champaign Tea Party Group (Frank Barham and Cindy Olsen) is sponsoring a petition drive to Senators Burris and Durbin in opposition to the health care bill now working its way through Congress. Seth McIntyre, one of the Tea Party members working on the drive says, “We want to give hands and feet to the passion so many in the conservative movement are feeling in light of the proposed bills.  We also believe that this petition could serve as an educational tool to millions of Illinois residents that have no idea what is in the bills. It’s time to tell them in writing that they no longer have our consent”.  Another Tea Party Group in Springfield is working to set up a meeting with Senator Durbin to deliver the petititons.

A copy of the petition is printed below.  If you agree with its objective please print copies and circulate among your friends and contacts.  There are two separate petitions, one for Burris and one for Durbin.  Copies of both, suitable for printing can be found at these links,

For Senator Roland Burris

For Senator Richard Durbin

Or, you can sign it online HERE

Petition on Behalf of the Residents of Illinois to Senators Roland Burris and Richard Durbin

We, the people of the United States of America, and residents of the State of Illinois, are exercising our right to petition our Government.  We demand that our elected officials act on behalf of the People with regard to health care legislation.  We stand against both the House and Senate versions of health care reform for the following reasons:

1. Restrictions of our Freedoms: Both bills restrict the freedoms of American citizens to make their own health care decisions.  We believe it is unconstitutional for our Government to impose a mandate upon the citizens of the United States to purchase “Government-approved health insurance.”

2.  Unfair Taxation: Both bills impose an immediate tax increase of billions of dollars for American citizens and businesses while services do not begin until 2013.  We believe it is unfair to impose a tax on American citizens years prior to implementation of the services.

3.  Abuse of American Seniors: Both bills cut more than $400 billion from Medicare.  We believe this will diminish the quality of health care received by America’s seniors.  In light of the unfunded trillions of dollars that already exist in Medicare, this added cut will critically compromise the services provided to our senior citizens.  The premise that the $400 billion cut simply eliminates the “waste, fraud, and abuse” that exists in the current system is a strong indication that Government programs of this size are difficult for the Government to administer.

4.  Fiscal Irresponsibility: Both bills include billions of dollars for special projects of a few elected officials.  We want our elected officials to stop the practice of using tax money to buy votes.  Examples include the $300 million given to Senator Landrieu of Louisiana, the $300 million given for California doctor payments, the $1.2 billion given to Nebraska, Vermont, and Massachusetts for Medicaid expansion costs, the $100 million given to Senator Dodd of Connecticut, and the $10 billion for the “medical satellite clinics” Senator Sanders is receiving.  We believe you have failed to exercise restraint in spending our tax dollars.  This continued lack of restraint has led the United States to a debt of over $12 trillion dollars with $500 billion of that being owed to China.

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