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ICAN Switches Endorsement to Don Lowery for U.S. Senate

One of the most important Illinois races in the 2010 elections will be the race for the U.S. Senate.  Popular wisdom has the contest between the candidates of the liberal wing of the Republican establishment, Mark Kirk, and the more conservative wing, Patrick Hughes.  It is quite possible that the best candidate for the people of Illinois is to be found outside the regular Republican establishment.

Dr. Stringer and I had the rare opportunity to meet with two Republican candidates this week that was both eye opening and informative.  The meeting was with Don Lowery, running for the U.S. Senate and Joe Walsh, running for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District.  Lowery is a former downstate judge and Walsh is a former teacher.

The meeting was wide ranging and open with “no holds barred”.  Dr Stringer and I agreed afterwards that if Congress was made up of patriots like these two men, America would not be experiencing the problems we now face.  If you are familiar with Dr. Stringer, or if you have been a fan of this website, you know that our focus is first and always on the Constitution as our last bastion of defense against socialism and in defense of liberty.

On Judge Lowery’s website, he answers the key question, “Will you uphold the Constitution of the United States as it was written and intended by our founding fathers?” His answer:

“Absolutely! The Constitution is like granite rock.  It sets forth the foundation of our government and our country.  The forefathers designed it as a living document to be amended through very definite procedures; it is not to be circumvented in the legislative process nor changed by the mere whimsy of public opinion.  The strength of the Constitution has sustained America for over 200 years.  Now, as much as ever, American citizens and public officials should be mindful that it is our Constitution that gives us our rights and also protects them.  With each right, there is responsibility to preserve our form of government that gets its form and strength from the U.S. Constitution“.

That is a pretty unambiguous statement; however, I have found that when it comes to political declarations it is best to be somewhat of a “nit picker”.  I also know that when you ask a skilled politician a direct question you are likely to get back an answer designed to provide the one you are looking for as deduced from the implication in the question.  To avoid this, our meeting was held to a casual conversation with only one or two direct questions.  Here is what we learned as it applies to the above quote.

The Constitution is a “living document” only in the sense that it is enduring and that the Founders made provisions for its updating with the Fifth Amendment.  It’s fundamental meaning or authority is not changed by either “legislative process” or judicial opinion.  Our unalienable “rights” come from God and not the Constitution, the Constitution’s purpose is to protect them. On these points both Lowery and Walsh agreed.  They also agreed in believing that the problems we currently have in health care, education, out of control spending, marriage and family issues, abortion, etc. have their root causes in the departure of our government from the plan put forth by the Founders in the Constitution or in a departure from the principles found in the Declaration of Independence.

If you believe, as we do, that the crucial task for us as citizens is to help return our government to the Constitutional Republic it was intended to be, when you go to the polls on February 2, vote for Don Lowery for Senate and if you live in the Eighth District, Joe Walsh for Congress.  The primaries are the place where we need to stand on principles, regardless of outcome.  In the general election, we may have to be more pragmatic in order to avoid a more ruinous outcome, but in the primary, we have the freedom to vote 100% on principle. Make it count.

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What Every Patriot Needs to Know

Fundamentals of the American System of Government
An on-line tutorial on the Constitution and our founding principles
Introduction by
Dr. Phil Stringer

Thomas Jefferson described the U.S. Constitution as “the chains upon government”.  The concept of unlimited government is always the enemy of liberty whether practiced by theocratic Pharaoh’s, “divine right of king’s”, monarchs, corporate socialists (Nazis and fascists) or communists.  The concept of unlimited government is the greatest earthly threat faced by individuals.

The English had a great heritage of freedom that they had fought and struggled for.  King George III and the English Parliament had to recognize that in the homeland but they chose to practice unlimited government towards the English colonies.  The American colonists refused to accept this and they successfully struggled for their liberty.

Now the great question was before them.  How do you keep the new government under control?

The Founders of the new republic chose constitutional government.  The new government would be “chained” by a written document limiting what it could do.  The liberty of the people would be protected by the “chains of restraint” provided by the Constitution.

Today prominent political leaders like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, mock the idea of constitutional limits.  The American people desperately need to demand constitutional government again.

I have taught U.S. History for over 35 years.  I have repeatedly emphasized that the greatness of the United States was based upon the concept of limited government –government limited by the Constitution.

This course by Jerry McDaniel is a very effective training tool about our Constitution.  Every American should make sure that they have thoroughly prepared themselves to understand our Constitution.  This course will accomplish that purpose.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.  For some this will be new material.  For others, like myself, it is a great refresher course.  I recommend this course to everyone.

~Phil Stringer

Click HERE for Tutorial