ICAN Switches Endorsement to Don Lowery for U.S. Senate

One of the most important Illinois races in the 2010 elections will be the race for the U.S. Senate.  Popular wisdom has the contest between the candidates of the liberal wing of the Republican establishment, Mark Kirk, and the more conservative wing, Patrick Hughes.  It is quite possible that the best candidate for the people of Illinois is to be found outside the regular Republican establishment.

Dr. Stringer and I had the rare opportunity to meet with two Republican candidates this week that was both eye opening and informative.  The meeting was with Don Lowery, running for the U.S. Senate and Joe Walsh, running for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District.  Lowery is a former downstate judge and Walsh is a former teacher.

The meeting was wide ranging and open with “no holds barred”.  Dr Stringer and I agreed afterwards that if Congress was made up of patriots like these two men, America would not be experiencing the problems we now face.  If you are familiar with Dr. Stringer, or if you have been a fan of this website, you know that our focus is first and always on the Constitution as our last bastion of defense against socialism and in defense of liberty.

On Judge Lowery’s website, he answers the key question, “Will you uphold the Constitution of the United States as it was written and intended by our founding fathers?” His answer:

“Absolutely! The Constitution is like granite rock.  It sets forth the foundation of our government and our country.  The forefathers designed it as a living document to be amended through very definite procedures; it is not to be circumvented in the legislative process nor changed by the mere whimsy of public opinion.  The strength of the Constitution has sustained America for over 200 years.  Now, as much as ever, American citizens and public officials should be mindful that it is our Constitution that gives us our rights and also protects them.  With each right, there is responsibility to preserve our form of government that gets its form and strength from the U.S. Constitution“.

That is a pretty unambiguous statement; however, I have found that when it comes to political declarations it is best to be somewhat of a “nit picker”.  I also know that when you ask a skilled politician a direct question you are likely to get back an answer designed to provide the one you are looking for as deduced from the implication in the question.  To avoid this, our meeting was held to a casual conversation with only one or two direct questions.  Here is what we learned as it applies to the above quote.

The Constitution is a “living document” only in the sense that it is enduring and that the Founders made provisions for its updating with the Fifth Amendment.  It’s fundamental meaning or authority is not changed by either “legislative process” or judicial opinion.  Our unalienable “rights” come from God and not the Constitution, the Constitution’s purpose is to protect them. On these points both Lowery and Walsh agreed.  They also agreed in believing that the problems we currently have in health care, education, out of control spending, marriage and family issues, abortion, etc. have their root causes in the departure of our government from the plan put forth by the Founders in the Constitution or in a departure from the principles found in the Declaration of Independence.

If you believe, as we do, that the crucial task for us as citizens is to help return our government to the Constitutional Republic it was intended to be, when you go to the polls on February 2, vote for Don Lowery for Senate and if you live in the Eighth District, Joe Walsh for Congress.  The primaries are the place where we need to stand on principles, regardless of outcome.  In the general election, we may have to be more pragmatic in order to avoid a more ruinous outcome, but in the primary, we have the freedom to vote 100% on principle. Make it count.

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32 responses to “ICAN Switches Endorsement to Don Lowery for U.S. Senate

  1. I could not have said it better myself. I’ve been sharing that same sentiment with many folks who have jumped on the Patrick Hughes bandwagon blindly.

    I like what Patrick Hughes says, but there’s no proof that he believes what he says in his life. Where’s the beef? It is non-existant, not only is there no beef, but there’s no mustard, onion, ketchup or tomato, he’s all bun!

    I know the judge, he’s solid granite on principles and the Constitution. He’s been tried and tested for 26 years on the bench. He’d made many decisions based on what was right and in line with the rule of law and NOT what was politically expedient or popular. That’s the kind of man we need in the Senate.

    Judge Don Lowery has served America his entire life. At a time when we have politicians serving themselves and not the American people, we need someone who knows what it means to serve. Best I can tell, Hughes has only served himself all his life. He’s an empty suit, and empty slate.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Once people hear and get a chance to know Don Lowery – they know without a doubt who they can support on February 2nd! He will be the strongest candidate to defeat the Democrats in November. His motives are pure and NOT self-serving. He has always been a public servant and it is second nature for him to want to be a part of fighting to keep America great!

    Here comes the Judge!!!!!!!!

  3. H Andrew Cserny

    I have known Judge Lowery for years and believe that he is a man of principle, is a firm supporter of our constitution and I trust him enough to do business with him with a handshake and his word.
    H Andrew Cserny MD

  4. People are finally waking up. When you meet Judge Lowery you are blown away. I just saw him at a Meet and Greet in Seneca. By the end of the event a Democratic life long union member was won over! Don is a quiet powerhouse of knowledge of the Constitution. His knowledge of the Constitution as it applies to the pressing issues of today is worth the time to meet him. He is far ahead of all the other candidates!
    Thank you for your endorsement for Judge Don Lowery. There is hope for the constituents of Illinois.

  5. Don Lowery is nothing if not honest. He knows no other way.
    He returned from Vietnam a decorated soldier, with his
    head held high! Check his record, and I know you will vote for him!!

  6. I have known Don Lowery all of my life having grown up in the same area, and serving in the military together. He is a true conservative, and will serve the state of Illinois admirably. Thank you for recognizing his virtues, his love of the Constitution and the United States of America. We need him in Washington – Illinois needs him!

  7. I had these same Constitutional questions about Don Lowery after I read the above quote on his website. Just this morning I sent off an email to his campaign to see if he really thought that the Constitution gives us our rights. Glad I found this here and that it sounds like he may have spoken wrong on what he had wrote.

  8. Let me be crystal clear. While I was filming Judge Lowery’s promo in Southern Illinois. We spoke at length about the Constitution. He quoted the Declaration of Independence, that our rights come from God.

    He also discussed that the Constitution is mainly designed to limit federal government powers and that most of the power has been granted to the States.

    He has taught Constitution Law besides uphold the Constitution for 26 years.

    He said many outstanding things, and I don’t want to misquote him so I’ll leave it at that.

  9. Who’s managing Judge Lowery’s campaign? If it weren’t for me being plugged into these outlets, I wouldn’t have heard of him. Since most of the electorate doesn’t invest any time in seeking out information before they go into the voting booth, what are the plans to get the word out about him beyond us reaching out to our friends and family, and volunteering for him?

  10. Tea Party Friends, We must do for Don Lowery the same thing we did for Scott Brown. This is urgent. Fight Hard in every way you can in the next few days. This race is very very important. We will take them one at a time. Rite now this is the one. Donate today and do everything else also. Please help spread the word. The Media is trying to hide this race. THANKS

  11. I have just finished producing three 30 second spots for the Judge.

    We have huge grassroots groups across the State contacting the campaign, making calls, putting up signs.

    The Judge continues to run up and down the State in his pick up truck to every meeting he can.

    We are working to get him highlighted in the National media. He really is an extraordinary, and humble man.

    Make no mistake, this is a David & Goliath story. And he needs the help of civic-minded conservatives to make him known.

    Judge Don Lowery is simply the finest man for the job.

  12. Hi Illinois….just finished reading about Judge Lowery and I liked what I read…having just come off Scott Brown’s election…I was elated to read of this man…You need to get his name out there for all to see..remember what we did with Scott is just a few short weeks so it can be done…..Scott contacted every radio station, tv commentator, person on the street, and it worked…his message was clear…people listened and the rest is history. I wish you luck and shall spread the word on our blogs here in MA…Judge Lowery sounds like someone we need in Washington…

  13. Independence Caucus is pleased to have a candidate such a Judge Lowery to endorse. He epitomizes our philosophy of fiscal responsibility through adherence to the Constitution. God bless you Judge Lowery.

  14. the point isn’t always to support the most conservative candidate. the point is to choose the most conservative candidate who can win!

    lowery can’t pull this off right now. that’s reality.

    • Brooks,

      There is some validity in what you say. There is always the possibility that voters for Judge Lowery will take enough votes away from another conservative candidate to end up with a moderate to liberal like Mark Kirk representing the Republican party in the general election.

      However, that is true of every election and is why I oppose third party candidates. If you remember, that’s how we ended up with John McCain as the Republican candidate in 2008. If this were a general election I would give serious consideration to your argument.

      But, it is not. This is a primary election and it is our duty to vote for the man or woman who we believe would be the best person to fill the second most important elective office in the nation, a U.S. Senator.

      The Constitution only places one performance requirement on our Legislators. (Article VI, clause 5) That requirement is to “support the Constitution”. That is the only requirement I expect –or have a right to expect– from the person I vote for.

      That is why I will be voting for Donald Lowery in the primary. He is the only candidate I can believe –with a reasonable degree of confidence– will perform that duty on my behalf.

    • With 8% in the polls it doesn’t look like Hughes can pull it off either. At least when a vote for Lowery is cast – it is not for a candidate that has lied and given a full speech of empty promises. Where is that $1.5-$2 million that Hughes was going to have to fight Kirk in January? Looks like from his every 2 hour Facebook postings that he is desperately seeking $50,000 – I guess he needs to pay himself back that $250,000 loan.

  15. I disagree, the point is to find the BEST candidate for the seat.

    Hands down, that is Judge Don Lowery.

    Hughes needs to drop out of the race, he has no conservative credentials, no conservative past, he’s only voted Republican 3 times in his life. Hughes is the spoiler in this thing. If Hughes dropped out, Arrington would follow and endorse Lowery and we would have our ground swell.

    I think Hughes could very well be the Illinois Republican Party splitter in all this.

    What kind of conservative spends money like a Liberal?

    Patrick Hughes


    Hughes campaign filings as of December 31st showed $22,561.34 cash on hand and $247,000.00 in debts and Obligations Owed by the committee! THIS PROVES that Hughes has been nothing but empty promises all along! And who of us fell for it?

    Not me, not ICAN!

  17. hughes voting registration http://bit.ly/bqvNKo

    for the few remaining lowery holdouts thinking pat didn’t vote.

    lowery’s not even polling @ 3% and has only raised $10k!!! you can’t win with a raise that small. c’mon guys, this isn’t jr high, this is big boy politics.

    voting for lowery just may give IL to mark kirk.

    no one is saying lowery is bad. he’s just not ready yet. next time! let’s turn this state red and rally behind the only conservative candidate who has a chance to win this thing!

    • Thank you Brooks for providing us with that information. Because in fact, that is EXACTLY what has been stated: Hughes voted for the first time in his life in 2004, then pulled his very first Republican party ballot in 2008. Those facts are clear. These are not attacks, they are truths. If the truth hurts, I’m sorry.

      In fact, I believe Hughes is on record during the WLS debate telling the masses that he registered to vote in 1990 when questioned by John Arrington about his voting record. You just proved that Hughes lied on national television.

      Also for the record, it was Kirk’s camp that began those vicious rumors about Pat’s voting record, not Lowery, as shown here: http://teamamerica10th.blogspot.com/2010/01/patrick-hughes-loses-major-conservative.html

      So if you are not attacking Lowery then please stop reporting that he and his supporters are attacking and spreading lies.

      • facts: pat moved to cook county in 2003 and registered in 2003, not 2004, as was stated in the article. reading is fundamental, “kelly”.

        and there’s this from the article too: “The second page is the oldest electronic proof of vote that could be pulled from the Clerk’s database.” you see, clerks only keep data for so long. again, no smoking gun.

        personally, i don’t care if arrington, lowery, hughes, or even kirk, voted in every election since 1990. if that’s your bar, it’s kinda kooky. for the record, pat didn’t answer the question. the moderator moved them on from an irrelevant issue. pat didn’t lie on national tv. listening is fundamental, “kelly”.

        but, since you post as “kelly” with no last name and no links to your site, i won’t waste any more time engaging you. history has proven that anonymous trolls don’t have the balls to do anything but dog others.

        to all the others here, i’m sure lowery is a nice guy. i have nothing personal against any candidate in this race, save for kirk. and even that’s not personal. we’re all conservatives (i’m assuming) and kirk is not.

        the only problem i see with lowery, however, and it’s a tactical one, is that he hasn’t raised any money. the fact that he doesn’t realize that it’s pointless to stay in the race with zero $ is curious. he CANNOT win. period.

        i could call it vanity, but that would only be speculation since i don’t know him. fat lady singing and all, IL conservatives should rally around the only conservative with a shot before kirk helps to ruin your state even more than the obama/burris tag team have.

  18. Show me some proof from Patrick Hughes past, that he’s a conservative. You call him one, he calls himself one, where’s the beef?

    He’s padded his successes in business. He remodels a couple homes and he’s now a real estate developer.

    Understand the mark of a conservative, a conservative SERVES. Judging from Hughes past, the only one he has served is himself.

    I trust polling as much as I trust Patrick Hughes being a conservative.

    I am voting for the best man in the race, and without a doubt that is Judge Don Lowery. Check out his conservative past, he’s walked the walk.

    Patrick Hughes is an empty suit and an empty slate. If anyone should bow out, it should be Hughes.

    You talk about the money the Judge has raised, far more than $10,000, his commercials are running today all over the State.

    Patrick Hughes campaign is over $250,000 in debt, some conservative, spending like a liberal.

    How much debt has Judge Lowery accumulated? ZERO!

    Case closed.

    • case closed?

      most of the $250k is pat’s own money. you really haven’t done your homework about pat. no one is attacking don. why are you attacking pat?

      get onboard with the guy spending his own money to beat mark kirk. this is about coming together against liberals and winning!!!! it’s not about don and pat fighting.

      i would humbly ask don to support pat if i had the chance. it’s that important.

      do what you feel you must.

      in solidarity,

  19. Hi Brooks,

    I’m attacking Patrick Hughes because I believe he was “put up” by the Republican Corrupt machine for no other purpose than to split the conservative vote. They’ve done this for years very effectively, and apparently it’s going to work again.

    I don’t for a second believe he’s conservative. If anything, I would classify him as an opportunist.

    Because of him, and several well-meaning if not naive Christian leaders who hoisted him up early in the primary season, the conservative vote is split for Senate, and yes, Kirk would get it.

    I believe Hughes already told Lowery too pack it in because he was too old. Just as he told Katherine running for Senate that a man was needed to beat Kirk. Add to Hughes absent history of ANY conservative life a side order of arrogance.

    So I’m just mad Brooks. Mad because we’re going to get stuck with Kirk. Mad because the very best man in the race for this seat is JUDGE DON LOWERY. Mad because some folks thought they knew how to vette candidates. Mad because they refuse to recant their endorsement. Mad because the Illinois Republican Party win again.

    Please note, I’m NOT attacking you. If Kirk does get in, we need to all come together and select ONE candidate as a write-in or independent to run in the general.

    I’m not giving up.

  20. I sent some questions to Don Lowery’s website (I mentioned this in another comment) and I got a personal call back from him. Tonight I went to a meet and greet where I was able to hear him speak and I talked to him personally. He is the real deal and really knows his constitution which is exactly what I have been looking for in a candidate. This is exactly the type of person we need representing us in the senate. I will be voting for him and I hope others will consider him.

  21. Memo to Brooks Bayne

    Here’s some numbers from Public Policy Polling. (Tuesday, January 27, 2010) I admit I don’t know anything about this site, and I have no reason to trust its polling. But it seems to me you have to either claim we should not pay attention to polls, or you have to admit you’re backing a dead horse.

    It’s a different story on the Republican side where Mark Kirk has a 42-9 lead over Patrick Hughes. Hughes has tried to make himself the candidate of the right wing of the party and while he is more competitive with conservatives than he is with moderates, he’s still at a 38-10 deficit with them. Not much to see on this one.

    • it’s a matter of framing. i prefer to think i’m backing the leading conservative. 😉

      • Oh, I thought you were backing the Conservative that could beat Mark Kirk. That’s what you replied to tunapiano a few comments ago.

        To quote you exactly,

        “get onboard with the guy spending his own money to beat mark kirk. this is about coming together against liberals and winning!!!! it’s not about don and pat fighting.”

    • no need to quote me. i haven’t forgotten. i am backing that person. lowery is not that person. not at this time.

      dare i even ask…is there a point you wanted to make? spare me if it’s to tell me how viable lowery is right now. we’ve already covered that fallacy. and if you’re a kirk supporter, feel free to join the democratic party.

      if there’s nothing new you can add, just keep on walkin’…

  22. unsubscribing from notifications. if you wanna find me, i’m @brooksbayne on twitter.