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Why We Have to Take Back the Republican Party

We have gotten a number of complaints from Republican campaign volunteers about the Wheaton Township’s Republican Committeewoman’s office.  It seems they are distributing sample ballots for the February 2 primary with their selected candidate’s names only.

Evidently the Wheaton office is not the only one that is only accepting literature and signs from “preferred candidates”.  For example, here’s an excerpt from a message I received from one of our members.

“I do have a situation which I would like to discuss with you, as the Illinois Republican Party is not being fair/honest with the constituents.  As I and others traveled to various township offices, we found some of the offices were not accepting campaign literature/signs if the candidates had not been endorsed or were not on their “Preferred Candidate List”.

I found this to be absolutely appalling.  I was  under the impression it was the position of the Township Committeeman to educate the voters, not dictate.   Now we find the Illinois Republican Party is sending out sample ballots which do not list ALL the candidates.  For instance in the Senate Race, only Kirk and Hughes are listed”.

This just another example of the difficulty we have in getting rid of incompetent incumbents.  There is a revolution brewing nationwide, as evidenced by Scott Brown in Massachusetts on Tuesday.  Many of us are getting fed up with political parties whose only objective is holding on to power, regardless of the cost to the country.  And we are also fed up with politicians who forget their oath of office as soon as the polls close.  Every government official takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, not their party or their job.


Independence Caucus Endorses Judge Don Lowery for U.S. Senate

Press Release

Independence Caucus Endorses Judge Don Lowery, for US Senate in the State of Illinois, (January 10, 2010)

– The Independence Caucus is proud to announce their support for US Senate Candidate in the State of Illinois The Independence Caucus carefully chooses candidates based on an extensive vetting process, and after running the gambit, Judge Don Lowery, can now count himself as one of Independence Caucus’ family.

Judge Lowery served 26 years as a Circuit Court Judge in the First Judicial Circuit of Illinois defending the individual liberties of Americans afforded by the U. S. Constitution. He has served in the United States Military. As a member of the U. S. Army, he was serving a tour of duty in Korea during the 1967 Pueblo Crisis. He then volunteered for a tour of duty in Viet Nam. While in Viet Nam, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal.

Judge Lowery believes all of America’s borders should be secured through manpower, technology, and comprehensive inspections. He also believes illegal immigration should be stopped as it is a drain on the national economy and a threat to America’s national security. He a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a longtime Life/Endowment member of the National Rifle Association. He believes it is time to safeguard the integrity of the legislative process. Judge Lowery believes we as a nation should adopt a single-subject law, a comprehensive national energy policy, Term Limits, and downsizing the Federal Government.

“We here at the Independence Caucus are proud to announce our endorsement of this great and Principled Candidate for United State Senate for the Great State of Illinois. To find out more about Judge Lowery’s campaign and platform, visit his website at http://www.judgelowery4ussenate.com/wordpress/.

To find out more information about how to get on board with the Independence Caucus, visit www.icaucus.org .

About Independence Caucus
The Independence Caucus was started by volunteers who came together while working to elect Jason Chaffetz to Congress in 2008., Fed up with unsustainable spending in Washington, and total disregard for Constitutional limits on government authority, Independence Caucus founders realized that incumbents from both parties have been compromised by the “Big Money” special interest groups who fund their perpetual re-election campaigns, and have embarked on a mission to sniff out and expose the incumbents political money trails, and train others across the country exactly how to boot compromised politicians out of office and replace them with ones who will actually represent and listen to their constituents.

The organization has hundreds of researchers and volunteers across the country working to put America back on track.

For more information and to watch a series of videos explaining exactly how the money flows from big money special interests, to the lobbyists, to the politicians, visit www.icaucus.org.