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Important Message from So. IL Tea Party Patriot

As most of you know by now, there are groups looking to come into Illinois and capitalize on the tea party movement.  They are trying to speak for us and to push a candidate that we have seen in person and have rejected.

For those of us who have met and know Judge Don Lowery, we are assured that he is the candidate that can stand up for us in DC.  We know his background of public service, we know his dedication to the Constitution and we know his motives for running are true.  So what do we do to bring this victory home for Judge Lowery?

When we started to get up from our couches and organize, speak or hold signs for the tea party movement, we wanted one thing – our country back!  We wanted to find politicians that we could be proud of, leaders that would lead us back to being a strong fiscally conservative and respectable country, and statesman that could assure our future generations prosperity and greatness.

So now my fellow Patriots, it is time to put our money where are mouths are.    There has been a gentleman step up to help fight the special interest money that is being flooded into Mark Kirk and Patrick Hughes.  Donations are necessary to help get the Judge’s message out to more than just the tea party members.

His proposition to you is this:  for every dollar that you contribute to Judge Lowery in the next 24 hours, he will match that donation to the tune of $4,800.  If you can contribute $5, $10, $25 or even $100, your contribution will be doubled.  This offer stands until midnight on January 21st, 2010.  Are you willing to make Illinois proud with a man that has served us all his life and driven his truck 40,000+ miles around this state to spread his message?  If you are, please help us now.  Go to www.judgelowery4ussenate.com and donate as much as you can.

Please forward on to every email address in your group! Thank you for your dedication and contributions!

Southern Illinois Tea Party Patriots

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