Last Call to Tea Party groups, 912 groups and other Conservative Patriot Groups.

There is only one week left before the all-important primary elections.  It is more important than ever that we do all in our power to elect candidates who will support and defend our Constitution, our only defense against the advancement of socialism.  The most important contest, of a national nature, for Illinois voters in 2010 is the one for U.S. Senate.

Senators alone vote for Supreme Court Justices, Executive appointments and State Department treaties.  These votes grow more critical to the future of our republic every year.  They have never been more important than in this election year. If we send another RINO to Congress it will be six years before we can correct the error. We cannot afford to allow the present state of affairs with the socialist/democratic party having a super majority in the Senate and only an opposition party of compromising, wishy-washy Republicans on our side.

Even though we have temporarily stopped the economic disaster of a national health care system, there is a very strong likelihood that enough Republicans in Congress who still “have not gotten the message” will allow a compromise, thereby giving the socialists a victory. Remember, socialism has advanced to the point where it is today incrementally, by making radical proposals and then compromising with moderate Republicans to advance their cause one-step at a time. This has been going on for over a hundred years and it is time to bring it to a halt.  We can only do that if we elect members of Congress who will insist on adherence to the Constitution. Socialism in incompatible with our Constitution and it remains our best defense against a looming socialist tyranny.

Our website glossary defines the Republican Party as “A political party whose primary purpose is protecting the incumbency of its elected members in government and promoting the candidacy of members aspiring to offices not already held by another member in good standing.  Its voting base consists of conservatives, moderates and independents.  Its dominate support group is conservative”.  Since there is no Republican incumbent in this election it is only natural that the establishment supports candidates that they believe will most likely support the “political” goals of the Party and not necessarily those most likely to support the Constitution or do what is best for their state and the country.

The Party establishment and conventional opinion makers seem to have settled on Mark Kirk, the most liberal Republican candidate running, according to the Illinois Family Institute’s Voter Guide, and Patrick Hughes, an unproven conservative.  Four other candidates have at least mastered the conservative terminology if not conservative principles.  In an ordinary election year, several of them would be acceptable.  However, this is not an ordinary election year.  We cannot afford to send a Senator to Congress who may become compromised by the “beltway” culture.

There is only one candidate that we can confidently depend on to support and defend the Constitution. That is Judge Don Lowery, a downstate judge of 26 years and a Vietnam veteran.  We have met with Judge Lowery and engaged in an hour-long open and candid conversation concerning the Constitution and current national issues.  We are convinced that he is the “real deal”.  The problem is that he has been all but ignored by the popular media and is not as well known as some of the other candidates who have served in various elected offices around the state.

What we need is a real “grassroots” effort in Illinois to make sure that everyone who goes to the polls on February 2 knows who Judge Lowery is and what he stands for.  We believe that if the people of Illinois get to know him, he will be our next U.S. Senator and we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have at least one person who will stand for the Constitution. They did it in NY23, they did it in Virginia, they did it in Massachusetts and we can do it in Illinois.  We have a statewide network of Tea Party patriots, 912 patriots, and any number of other conservative groups and individual patriots who, for the first time, have a real interest in taking back their Party and their Country.

Over the next week, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to write “Letters to the Editor”, call in to talk shows, e-mail friends, acquaintances and others in our particular group. Almost everyone belongs to some type of group, church, PTA, sports club, bridge club, or what ever.  Let’s contact everyone we can and not only ask them to vote for Judge Lowery but let them know why.  You can begin by using the share icon below to forward this message to everyone on your mailing list.  We have posted a video and several commentaries on this blog about Judge Lowery over the past month.  You can use our search engine to find the posts if you are not yet well informed on the Judge.


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One response to “Last Call to Tea Party groups, 912 groups and other Conservative Patriot Groups.

  1. Good word! I have sent emails to the Christian leaders who very early on endorsed Patrick Hughes asking them to sit down with Judge Don Lowery at least and consider rescinding the endorsement of Hughes for the Judge.

    If this were to happen, I believe John Arrington, a righteous man would step down and endorse Lowery as well.

    This would be huge news in Illinois and could produce a tidal wave of support fo the Judge.

    As it stands now, the conservative vote is split. If there isn’t a shift, Kirk wins, that’s the bottom line.

    Question is, will they be willing to admit a flawed process and do the right thing or will they cling to their initial actions which produced this split?