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Report from Illinois Tea Party

For Immediate Release


January 25, 2010 – ILLINOIS TEA PARTY organizers across the state have been holding candidate debates, voter information meetings, and precinct committee meetings in an effort to support conservative candidates.  While ILLINOIS TEA PARTY does not officially endorse candidates, a straw poll involving the Tea Party organizers across the State shows results that strongly favor Adam Andrzejewski for Governor and Judge Don Lowery for United States Senator.

“Americans have made it clear they’re tired of outrageous spending, proposed tax hikes, and legislators who don’t read the bill,” Denise Cattoni, Illinois state coordinator for ILLINOIS TEA PARTY. “We’ve seen our national debt soar under the guise of ‘Too Big To Fail’ and ‘Stimulus’ while unemployment has grown to over 10% and continues to climb. We’ve called, written, and protested; hoping our voices would be heard by Congress.  This statewide straw poll of our local organizers reflect a preference for candidates who will change politics as usual and truly represent the values of the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY.”


In Illinois, more than 40 conservative grassroots groups have joined together as the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY to say ‘No More’! We’re the Americans that took Rick Santelli to heart when he said “we’re going to have a TEA party by the lake”.  Today, there are tens of thousands of Illinoisans who have joined the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY movement and the numbers continue to grow.

Unprecedented Grassroots Movement

On February 27, 2009, a cold day in Chicago, the Illinois TEA Party started as individuals came together and demanded our legislators hear the voices of those who elected them.   Again, on April 15th Americans gathered in 850 locations across the country to make it clear to our legislators we want smaller government, fewer and lower taxes, free-market systems, and stronger national security.

More than 10,000 ILLINOIS TEA PARTY supporters rallied in New Lenox on Labor Day when the Tea Party Express stopped on its’ way to Washington. On September 12th, well over one million Tea Party/9-12’ers traveled to Washington D.C. to illustrate how strongly we believe in the proper role of government.

As one of the bluest States in the union, it is an uphill battle against the ‘political machine’ here in Illinois.  Recently in another very blue State, we supported Scott Brown and the people of Massachusetts stood up and took action.  We are fighting for our freedoms, our children’s futures, and the return to Constitutional government. We are making a difference were it counts, in the voting booth.


The ILLINOIS TEA PARTY, 9/12 groups, Band of Mothers, Patriots United, Midwest Conservatives and other true grassroots organizations stand unified in seeking out candidates who represent their constituencies.  The ILLINOIS TEA PARTY will continue watching each bill that comes along, every campaign contribution, and every broken promise. It will continue to educate the people of Illinois so they know the truth and can make informed choices in the voting booth.

For more information about ILLINOIS TEA PARTY, contact your local organizers at http://www.illinoistea.org.

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Editors Note: Illinois Tea Party has no affiliation with Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express, or American Liberty Alliance, but does support conservative movements who are working towards a common goal.


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