ICAN Top Picks For February 2

There are only a few days left until the all-important Illinois primary on February 2.  Illinoisans have tolerated liberalism, cronyism, nepotism, corruption, and sleaze ball politics that drive away businesses and jobs for far too long.  We have an opportunity in next week’s primary to take the first step towards real reform, not only in Illinois, but in Washington as well.  We have a better field of candidates to choose from than we have had in years. The problem is how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Old Guard Republicans are working hard to mislead voters and get establishment backed candidates elected in order to preserve their clout.  The patriot uprising that started last April has caused candidates of every stripe to brush up on the language of conservatism to attract and sometimes mislead voters.  I cannot remember an election when so many candidates were claiming the mantle of conservatism or invoking the Constitution more than in this one.

For that reason, it is more important than ever that voters do their homework before going to the polls. It is equally important that we not be misled by claims that one candidate or another has the only chance of being elected.  The truth is that in this election, no one can predict with any accuracy what the outcome is going to be.  Everything depends on turnout.  The key is those who make up the “tea party movement”.  They are the largest, best informed, most patriotic and enthusiastic group of voters in the state.  If they refuse to be misled or discouraged by “conventional wisdom” and turn out to vote along with their friends, families, and neighbors, there are going to be a lot of surprised political “experts” on Wednesday morning.

We have put a lot of effort into picking candidates that we can recommend with confidence. Here is a list of our top nine picks and the reasons we picked them.

Adam Andrzejewski
for Governor.  Adam is a former entrepreneur and businessman.  He is running as a reform candidate and he is serious about it.  I have worked some in his campaign as a volunteer and have spoken to hundreds of voters about his qualifications.  Adam believes in our Constitution and as governor, he will work to restore the Tenth Amendment.  His signature issue is the state budget and taxes.  He is equally devoted to returning control of our education system back to the state and reforming it for maximum benefit to our children’s education.  If you are serious about reform, Adam is the one.

Don Lowery for U.S. Senate.  The most important congressional race for Illinois voters is the one for U.S. Senate.  This seat is important for the state because it will give some balance to our present representation in Washington, if we can pick a primary candidate that can win in November. That candidate is Judge Don Lowery.  He is the only candidate that can successfully turn the debate in the general election into a debate on the Constitution and then win that debate.

The Constitution is rapidly becoming a topic of discussion in the national media for the first time within my memory and I predict that it will be a major factor in the 2012 races.  That is a discussion that is sorely needed, and one that draws the sharpest line between the Conservative Republicans and the Socialist Democrats on every issue.  Judge Lowery’s knowledge and understanding of the Constitution is unsurpassed among the six Republicans vying for the nomination. In addition, his statesmanlike demeanor, his personal background and his accomplishments in serving his country will immediately make him a respected figure on Capitol Hill.

Rosanna Pulido, 5th Congressional District. Rosanna is a well-known conservative activist and advocate for seniors and a supporter of our police and firefighters.  She will help fight corruption in one of the most corrupt districts in the state. We support her because she is the most likely candidate among those running who will defend the Constitution.

Joe Walsh, 8th Congressional District.  Joe takes a firm constitution conservative position on education, national defense, government spending, health care and all the issues in the forefront of political discussion today. Joe is not a part of the political establishment and would be a real reformer in Congress.

Joel Pollak, 9t Congressional District.  Joel is another constitution conservative who will fight for tax cuts, limited government, strong national defense and reform both in Washington and at home.  He will be running against progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky in the general election and we believe he has the best chance for winning the seat.

David McAloon, 11th Congressional District. David is a strong defender of the Constitution and our founding principles.  David supports local control of education, opposes abortion, supports the Second Amendment, and supports a strong national defense and protection of our borders. He is a dedicated constitution conservative.

Teri Davis Newman, 12 Congressional District.  The 12th district has two conservative women vying for the nomination.  We came down on the side of Teri because of her respect for the Constitution and her enthusiasm, independence and tenacity.  She will not be a lap dog for the Republican establishment.

Randy Hultgren, 14th Congressional District.  Randy has a twelve-year record fighting for conservative values in the Illinois Legislature.  He is a strong advocate for the unborn, and supporter of the Second Amendment.  He has an impressive list of endorsements from some of the leading Conservative organizations like the National Rifle Association, the American Conservative Union, Illinois Citizens for Life and Illinois Federation for Right to Life.

Mike Firsching, 19th Congressional District.  Concerning the Constitution, Mike says, “It is the duty of all elected representatives to uphold and protect the Constitution. I would do so. I would never support legislation that exceeds the list of powers. A slow correction of the unconstitutional legislation needs to begin. It will take decades to return the federal government to its originally intended powers. Progress towards this must be accomplished every year.”  That’s enough to get my vote, but in fairness to our readers, I have to admit I know less about his position on specific issues than I do with other candidates.

In the limited time we have remaining it is critical that we use it to contact as many people as we can, any way we can and make sure they get to the polls on Tuesday. We need to keep the momentum going that has been built up by the tea party groups in New York, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.


2 responses to “ICAN Top Picks For February 2

  1. As usual, a spot on, well researched candidate listing of the very best being offered up in the February 2nd Primary.

    For those who have not done their homework, or maybe do not want to do their homework, then feel free to listen to Jerry McDaniels and select the candidates of choice here.

    If you want Illinois to change the direction it’s headed.
    If you want Washington to be Constitutionally mindful of the job they’ve sworn to uphold. The candidates mentioned here, are the very best.

  2. First, I want to thank ICAN for the endorsement. I will work very hard to be worthy of your trust and support. I also want to say that I totally support and will be voting for Don Lowery for the Senate. There’s no one more qualified than Judge Lowery and no finer man in the race and he will make all of us proud in DC and I would love to work with him in DC as part of the Illinois delegation!

    Adam Andrzejewski also has my vote and support. I was torn between him and Brady but when I was told that Brady signed the bill giving ILLEGAL ALIENS in-state college tuition, he lost me forever! I called him on it at a rally we were both attending and he told me he didn’t think that kids should be punished–but I pointed out that IL taxpayers were paying to educate illegal aliens THAT WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK LEGALLY IN THE USA and he reiterated that kids shouldn’t be punished–but they are of age and here illegally too–so KICK THEM OUT!!! My nephew would have to pay out of state tuition rates if he wanted to go to an IL college and he’s a U. S. Citizen!! Sorry Bill–you blew it in a big way on this one!

    Miked Firsching also has my vote and support–a finer candidate would be impossible to find and he’s also an excellent veterinarian–which is more difficult than being an MD–a DVM has to cure a LOT of species that can’t TELL him where it hurts–an MD just works on people! He’s also one of the most learned experts on the Constitution I’ve ever met and I hope he creams the RINO Shimkus!

    At any rate, good luck Adam, Don and Mike–I’m with all of you in spirit and at the ballot box on Tuesday!

    To all the readers, you are welcome to email me as I read and answer all my email: TeriDavisNewman@aol.com or call me at 618-654-3561 and I’m in the Highland phone book–I don’t hide from my constituents! I work for YOU so don’t hesitate to share your views with me!