Test Your Knowledge of the Constitution

The following is a “conservative” proposal for health care reform.  Can you identify those that are constitutional and those that are not?

1. Enact legislation giving families control of their health care by making insurance plans portable,

2. Reform the tax system to allow the same tax incentives for all insurance purchasers (employers and the self employed should be able to deduct healthcare expenses),

3. Reform the litigation system to decrease inappropriate malpractice and liability claims against all facets of the medical profession and industry in order to reduce costs.

4. Allow the free market to deliver real competition. As a matter of principle, The _____  _____   _______ are firmly committed to supporting the fight for genuine access to affordable, quality healthcare for every American.

5. The time has come to create a balanced, common sense approach that will guarantee that Americans receive the care they deserve and which will still protect the sacred doctor-patient relationship.

6. We will oppose any system run by politicians or bureaucrats granted the right to deny citizens and physicians the treatments they believe are in a patient’s best interest. And we demand that the government clean its house of billions of waste, fraud and abuse to fund the necessary changes.

For extra credit, identify the Article, Section and clause supporting your answers.

Answers can be found here


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