Primary a Mixed Bag

Congratulations to:

Joe Walsh – 8th Congressional District
Joel Pollak – 9th Congressional District
Teri Davis Newman – 12th Congressional District
Randy Hultgren – 14th Congressional District

We were disappointed in the outcome of the three congressional races where our candidates did not win, but not disappointed with the candidates.  Rosanna Pulido in the 5th District lost to the politically connected David Ratowitz by less than 1,000 votes; Michael Firsching in the 19th District lost to the entrenched incumbent, John Shimkus; and David McAloon in the 11th District lost to a formidable opponent that is a little more moderate than we might wish but one we can live with. All in all the Congressional races were a slight plus for conservatives.

Adam Andrzejewski’s loss for Governor was a disappointment; however, Bill Brady is a conservative we can support if he is declared the winner. The last numbers I have seen had him with a 503-vote lead over Kirk Dillard.

The big upset was in the Senate race.  Mark Kirk, the most liberal Republican candidate in Illinois, won with an astounding vote total of over 415,000 votes compared to only 320,000 for all his opponents combined. This says a lot about the Republican machine in Illinois that treated him as an incumbent because he was the sitting Congressman from the 10th District. It does not bode well for Illinois or the Nation, however.

We still believe that Don Lowery was the best candidate for both the state and the country at large. His candidacy was strictly a “grassroots” campaign with little or no recognition from the media or the Party.  Illinois runs its primary in the middle of winter to protect incumbents and hamper grassroots efforts, and it worked. I predict we have not heard the last from “The Judge”.

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5 responses to “Primary a Mixed Bag

  1. I’m wondering if Kirk had Democrats pulling Republican ballots for him.

    I’m just amazed at how lopsided it was. I have only met one person during the primary season that was pro-Kirk. And he was gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ha.

    I too believe Judge Don Lowery was the best candidate by a WIDE margin. And I liked some of the other candidates as well. But I had the chance to personally spend a good deal of time with him and his wife – they are truly precious people, Americana at it’s best.

    I would actually like to see the Judge as a regular contributor on FOX discussing legislation in comparison to the Constitution. He’s top notch when it comes to the Constitution. I’ll have to talk to him about that.

  2. Also, I was thrilled to see Hastert defeated. Evidently, Daddy’s name doesn’t carry the clout Denny thought it carried, and we ended up with the best man in the 14th. Kudos to the 14th District Republicans.

    I was at Joe Walsh’s victory party last night. What an army he assembled in short order. The stories of what some did for Joe was truly amazing.

    Now we move into the general election. We need a mindset shift with a prominent focus on independent voters, the economy and debt.

    • What we need to do is make the Constitution THE issue in the general election. Of course, that means we would have to get some of our Republican candidates to at least read it so they know what they are contending for.

  3. I was terribly disappointed that the Judge did not win. I told all of my supporters that I thought he was head and shoulders over the RINO Kirk and I still do. I’m hoping that after Judge Lowery decompresses from the primary that he will remain active as the short primary season was a huge handicap to those who didn’t benefit from incumbency or a political history.

    That being said, I want to thank ICAN for their support and endorsement as I believe it was huge in my primary win. I’m going after King Jerry Costello with everything I have. I have 9 months to campaign and I believe I have the right message and platform at the right time. It’s the perfect storm–he is in trouble and bleeding and I’m going to turn it into a hemorrhage. People are angry at incumbents in general and his arrogant behavior, vote for the health care and getting his wife appointed to the presidency of SWIC was the last straw in the minds of many of his voters.

    While it’s true that I am rookie in politics, I guarantee that I’m going to be the Rookie of the Decade when I take King Jerry out. I have a solid plan to annihilate him and his financial advantage won’t help him. I’d very much like to meet with anyone who is interested in volunteering and I have quite a few already. I don’t want to discuss my strategy in an open forum because I don’t want to tip my hand, but to those who are interested, please contact me directly as I’d like to have a group meeting in March to lay out my strategy and of course discuss it with my supporters.

    You can email me: or click through my website to reach my email. My phone number is available to anyone who wants to call and I answer my own phone and email.
    Thank you again for your support–now let’s carry it through to November and dethrone King Jerry!!

  4. I echo your sentiments Teri, and congratulations on your victory. I think Jerry McDaniel is a treasure in Illinois Conservative politics – he’s setting the bar for excellence in everything.

    I produced all of the video pieces and commercials for the judge and Joe Walsh.

    All the Best,
    Michael Brown