How Strong is the Conservative Influence in Illinois?

The Nomination of Mark Kirk as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate creates some serious problems for Illinois conservative patriots.  Should he win in November it will send a message that the Republican Party need not worry about the patriot uprising that has been taking place across the state for the past year.  However, Kirk cannot win the general election without the vote of conservatives who will find it difficult to cast their vote for a pro-abortion, liberal candidate that voted for both TARP and Cap and Trade legislation, betraying both his Party and his constituents.

Another difficulty facing Kirk in November is indicated by the breakdown of primary votes for the Senate seat in February.  Democratic primary voters for the Senate seat outnumbered Republican voters by over 150,000. The Democrat machine turned out 901,000 voters while only 740,000 Republicans showed up at the polls.

Conservatives have three choices facing them in November. They can simply stay home, in which case we are likely to loose some of the gains we would otherwise make in the Congressional delegation. They can vote but leave the Senate spot blank, insuring another Democratic Senator representing Illinois.  On the other hand, they can vote for Kirk believing that any Republican would be more conservative than the Democrat would. If they take the third choice and Kirk wins, the tea party and patriot movements will lose their credibility for the 2012 elections.  The same thing happens if they vote for Kirk and Giannoulias wins anyway.  Either way the effectiveness of the conservatives in Illinois politics is diminished.

If Illinois conservatives are to have any impact on the 2012 elections they must find some way of delivering a visible message in 2010 that cannot be denied by either the media or the Republican Party establishment.  Patriot protests across the country have shown their effectiveness in influencing legislative policy and the outcomes of special elections.  2010 and 2012 well be the first tests they have faced in general elections.

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3 responses to “How Strong is the Conservative Influence in Illinois?

  1. The conservative movement can not be about one election in one primary. The progressive socialists have been working on the democrat party for over 40 years. Kirk will win the general election because the democrat machine has another corupt candidate. At least the media is airing his dirty laundry before the election this time.

  2. Michael Brown

    I think this is a very realistic and astute observation about the choices we face.

    I’m still allowing the dust to settle from the primary to gauge the horizon.

    As a pro-life person, I have never, nor will I ever vote for a pro-choice candidate. If they can’t get this one right, I can’t trust them on any issue.

    With that said, there is BIG money moving against Kirk as I speak, that’s 1/2 of a NY23rd race. The other half, is finding the right candidate.

  3. I find it impossible to trust or believe Mark Kirk. If I vote for him in November, it will be a vote against the liberal, Democratic statist, rather than a vote for Mark Kirk. Mark Kirk is a career politician who needs our votes to keep his job. By being vigilant and persistant with advocating our conservative, founding principles, we can, and must, make Mr. Kirk acutely aware that we will not abide anything less than absolute adherence to the principles that have made America great. If not, he will face the consequences. Politicians must be held accountable for their votes and actions. We can, and we will, affect change in Illinois as long as we stay on top of the issues and our elected congressional representatives.