Conservative Response to Health Care Summit

President Obama has called for a “health care summit” with the Republican leadership later this month, after their February break from destroying the Constitution.  According to Fox News “Alexa Marrero, spokeswoman for Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, one of the three committees with jurisdiction over health care, said Republicans are willing to come ‘with a blank piece of paper’ to write a bill.”

Here is a news flash for Fox News and Ms. Marrero, NO House Committee or Senate committee has any LEGAL jurisdiction over health care.  Congress only has jurisdiction over those areas of government that have been delegated to it by the Constitution.  Health care is NOT one of those areas.  The authority of Congress to make laws are spelled out in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and making laws concerning how and when American citizens are entitled to health care is nowhere to be found in that list.

The Constitutional duty of both Democrat and Republican legislators is to stop — immediately — the lawlessness that has taken over our nation’s capitol.  The SOLE purpose of a Constitution is to limit the authority of government over the lives of “we the people”.  The Founders understood this, and clearly expressed that fundamental principle of government in the Tenth Amendment.  If our elected representatives and “we the people” are too stupid, uninformed or misinformed to understand this principle, then perhaps we have come to that point Franklin spoke of as being incapable of any form of government other than despotism.

The Republicans do not need a “blank piece of paper” to take into the meeting with Obama.  If their memory span is too short to remember the word “NO” perhaps, they can simply write it on their palm as a reminder.


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