Progressive Republican Mark Kirk Leads in Polls

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, Progressive Republican Mark Kirk holds a six-point lead over Progressive Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in the race for the Senate Seat previously held by President Barack Obama.  Kirk, masquerading as a conservative, enjoys the support of the media and the progressive wing of the Republican Party.  Since progressives dominate the Republican Party in Illinois and considering the backlash against the Obama Administration’s progressive policies, it is likely that Kirk will be the next Senator from Illinois barring intervention by Illinois conservatives.

Of course, it is far too early to forecast the outcome of the November elections and there are two unknown factors still in play. One of the unknowns is whether enough conservative voters are taken in by the “conservative façade” being promoted by Kirk’s backers and the media. A second factor involves whether or not an independent conservative Republican will come forth before the June deadline as an alternative candidate in the general election; should that happen Giannoulias would probably be the next Senator.

This seems to be one of those rare occasions in modern politics when it may be in the best interest of the nation if an openly progressive Democrat wins over a “stealth progressive” Republican posing as a conservative.  If Kirk wins, it will provide the mainstream media the ammunition it needs to moderate the conservative influence in the 2012 elections. If Illinois conservatives are unable to find an independent candidate who has the knowledge and chutzpa to make the Constitution the core issue in the 2010 election, it may be better to openly “throw” the Senate seat to the Democrats as a show of conservative strength, and save the conservative power for 2012 when they throw out the progressive’s “Dear Leader” Barack Obama.

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7 responses to “Progressive Republican Mark Kirk Leads in Polls

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments. I will oppose Mark Kirk throughout the general election.

    I have never voted for a pro-abortion candidate, not that I’m a one issue person, but if they can’t get this one simple issue right, I can’t trust them to get any issue right.

    I do not believe conservatives will be “fooled” by Kirk’s fake conservatism. But I do believe they will hold their noses and vote for Kirk anyway, just to get an R in the Senate.

    I’ve already had heated words with 9/12ers over this issue. In my mind, any conservative who votes for Kirk, simply because he’s Republican is a politcal prosititute.

    Further, should Kirk win, you can kiss conservative politics goodbye in Illinois. It will be the defining moment for the RNC to forever move their big tent to the center dropping the social conservative platforms they now hold.

    And it will be no ones fault but the conservative prostitutes. They will have proven themselves inconsequential.

    However, if conservatives rally together to endorse and support another candidate and Kirk loses. The IRP and the RNC will begin offering up conservative candidates instead of the Mark Kirk’s of this world. The message we would send is simple. YOU CAN’T WIN WITHOUT US.

    There is a tea party group assembling this weekend to draft a “Contract with Kirk” type of letter they want him to sign. I believe this is a waste of time. Kirk has proved to be nothing more than an opportunist who will sell his vote to the highest bidder. Do you really think he gives a rats rear what conservatives think? Kirk won this last primary because he had all the money – where did it come from? HIS VOTES. So who did he represent while in Congress? The folks with the money.

    To think Kirk would move to the right is a fantasy. Kirk only supports Kirk. Grow up conservatives or vote yourselves inconsequential forever more.

  2. Durbin is not up for reelection until 2014 not 2012.

    Supporting an independent or write in candidate will result in this seat being permanantly Obama’s seat. This is just like the Kennedy seat in Massachusetts.
    Michael you state you are not a one issue voter but then you apply a litmus test that says you are.
    You are discounting the work that many of us are doing on the front line of this battlefield. Quite frankly it is insulting. We are taking back the Republican party from the ground up. We are building a “farm team”. We will fill local positions with real conservatives, build them up, train them, support them and run them in the primary against the RINO’s. We all agree on the outcome we want. We diagree on the method. While I support a more strategic measured approach, I see more and more people like Jerry and Micahel supporting a “scorched earth” approach. We did not get here overnight, it will take more than 1 or 2 election cycles to take this party and this country back.

    • Thom,
      You are correct, Durbin is not up for re-election until 2014. My mistake, I was confusing when he became Majority leader with when he was re-elected last time. Sorry.

      As to your reference to supporting a “scorched earth” policy rather than patiently building a “farm team”; dream on. As you point out in your last sentence, your way would take more than one or two election cycles for results. Unless unconstitutional spending, taxing and legislating is stopped within the next year or two, Progressivism (American socialism) will be so firmly entrenched It cannot be reversed.

      Of course, that is Obama’s plan anyway, which is why he is willing to sacrifice a second term to make it happen. Our position is not a “scorched earth policy”; it is a cold hard look at reality.

      P.S. You did a great job in the February Primary against the RINO, Kirk. Congratulations.

    • “Litmus Test” otherwise known as “standing on principle”. The right to life is one of the core principles America was founded on as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Sacrificing a core principle for political expediency is something some of us are unwilling to do.

  3. Thom, I very much appreciate all the work you are doing towards the take-over of the Illinois Republican Party.

    Nevertheless, as Jerry pointed out, that may be a until death do us part strategy. The IRP have built a firewall around them over the last 25 years, that’s not a wall that will be easy to tip over.

    But it goes beyond the IRP and into the national level. I promise you, the NRC is watching Kirk’s Senate race closely. If conservatives climb on board that train, they will set sail for the middle of the road forever more. You will not see pro-life, pro-family candidates pushed.

    Further, it will be more of the same, Republicans and Democrats bellying up to the taxpayer treasure trough.

    It’s this kind of compromise that got us here in the first place. That’s just my honest opinion.

    It’s strange that we find each other on the opposite side of the fence. You will support and campaign for Mark Kirk, and I will do everything I can to defeat him this November.

  4. If you don’t mind an interjection by a Texas conservative – all of you are ahead of where I thought you were – I thought there were no conservatives at all in Illinois. I offer a sincere “good luck.” In my humble opinion, the only venue that will save the conservative mindset in our nation, is the art of compromise – and that mindset is the only safe harbor between us and full-blown Socialism – if not worse.

    • Texasjune,

      We folks up here in the North love you all down there in Texas. Thanks for your comment. I am willing to compromise on anything except our founding principles and the Constitution. However, one of our problems is that too many of our progressive Republicans have practiced the art of compromise a little bit too far in the past.