Beck or Brown?

C. Edmund Wright has an interesting article on American Thinker about Glen Beck’s keynote speech at the CPAC convention Saturday night.  His article and a lot of the comments following show that many in the Republican Party have not yet caught on to what all the uproar is about. They still think it is all about which Party is in charge.

It is probably true that most conservatives vote Republican in election after election. It is equally true that conservatives are getting tired of candidates who sound conservative on the campaign trail and then turn into progressive Republicans once they arrive in Washington. The contest for the future of America is not between Democrats and Republicans. The evidence is that either Party can embrace progressive policies so long as the price is right.  The real contest that will determine whether we continue as a Constitutional Republic or as an American version of a Democratic Socialist state is that between Constitution Conservatives and Progressives (American socialists) of whatever party.

Moderate Republicans and most so-called “fiscal conservatives” share the views of Progressive Republicans and “moderate” Democrats on most of the issues facing us today.  In normal times, that might be close enough for government work.  However, these are not normal times. We are engaged in a struggle for the soul of America, and progressives of every stripe must be defeated at every opportunity. McCains, Snows, and Specters can no longer be tolerated. Just a week or so ago conservatives were celebrating the “Massachusetts Miracle”, Scott Brown. Today Brown sided with four other Progressive Republicans to end the Republican filibuster on Obama’s “jobs bill”. This only goes to show that even conservatives can seriously misjudge a candidate in the midst of campaigning.

In Illinois, the majority progressive wing of the Republican establishment succeeded in pushing through the nomination of progressive Republican Mark Kirk for the U.S. Senate. While Kirk claims the label of “fiscal conservative”, there is little in his voting record as Congressman to indicate he is anything but a progressive (American socialist) Republican. Rather than strengthening the Republican forces in the Senate, he is more likely to weaken them.

This state of affairs creates a dilemma for constitution conservatives and conservative Republicans. As a constitution conservative Republican, I could never cast a vote for Kirk under any circumstances.  At the same time, I am undecided whether it is better to accept the enemy you know or the one who may be persuaded to sometimes support conservative principles for political expediency.  In the long run it probably makes little difference.

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5 responses to “Beck or Brown?

  1. steve youhanaie

    Well Jerry,

    Everybody, who did any kind of research, knew that Scott Brown was not a conservative. The voters of Massachusetts most likely knew this. At this point in time, I think that you, and other conservatives (like myself), should vote for Mark Kirk. It would be understandable to vote for a conservative on the ballot. If one gets on the ballot, you (and I) have the right to vote for the conservative.

    • Steve,

      You (and I) have the “right” to vote for anyone we wish. I personally will not vote for a progressive for several reasons. Progressivism and liberty are mutually exclusive. Progressive policies are anti-Constitution and therefor anti-American. Progressive policies appeal to the baser side of humanity, envy, jealousy, and greed.

      We each have to make a choice between defending the Constitution and American principles or taking the attitude of “to hell with the constitution and principle, gimmie the goodies”. I opt for the Constitution and principle.

  2. Personally, I don’t trust anything any of them say. Before I vote again, I will be looking at their voting records for as far back as I can go. I will no longer give any of them the benefit of the doubt! It’s harsh…but necessary if we are to save our Republic.

  3. I am no longer voting Party, but, principles. That is why our great nation is on the brink, because, we have compromised on our principles to vote the Party line. No more. Not if we are going to save our Republic from progressives.

  4. The nebulus conservative movement can not, should not support anyone other than conservatives – those with the conviction and desire to support conservative principles in all areas. Scott Brown got support because of his POSITION on an ‘issue’ – the principles be damned.

    I believe that local conservatives can support moderates or issue conservatives given a choice between a Kennedy-type and a Scott Brown-type. But the “movement” can’t afford that compromise

    The conservative movement must adhere to principles – consider it a purity test – but voters can be as pragmatic as necessary for their own districts/states.

    (Note – at the Presidential level, I refuse to compromise. I want purity of conservative principles)