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Get The Picture Yet?

Obama borrowed a page from Al Gore’s playbook Wednesday and declared “the debate is over” on health care.  He and other Democrat leaders indicated they would use “reconciliation” or any other means necessary to get the Senate health care bill passed into law within the next few weeks. A few die-hard optimists still expect his efforts to fail and Republican members of Congress are pulling out all the stops to slow down the process at least.

The Democrat attitude concerning this piece of legislation is perhaps the best object lesson the American people could get to illustrate what is really going on with our government.  Most Americans view politics the same way they view sports.  We choose a team and then watch as a spectator, rooting from the sidelines for our team to win.  We then vicariously share in the sense of triumph when our team wins and the sense of defeat when our team loses. Even when the score is ninety-nine to zip in favor of our opponent in the final minutes, we somehow manage to believe that there will be a last minute miracle and our team will still come out on top.

The last year should have taught us that politics is not a game. Within the next few years, one side will lose and one will win.  Any compromise is a loss for America and the conservative movement.  The winner will determine the type of government we will have in America for generations to come.  Will it be a constitutional republic as the Founders  intended or an American Socialist (progressive) oligarchy?  The “sports” mindset prevents most Americans, especially those in the media from recognizing the reality of the times in which we live.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is the poster child for this way of thinking.  In a Wednesday evening segment with Dick Morris, discussing the Obama agenda, O’Reilly kept insisting, “that will never happen; the American people would not stand for it and Obama would destroy his chances for a second term” (paraphrased).  What O’Reilly and millions like him do not understand is that it is not about winning a second term, or maintaining control of Congress.  It is about changing the American government into what progressives consider will be a socialist utopia, and they will risk everything in order to accomplish their goal.

Their determination is somewhat akin to that of the signers of the Declaration of Independence when they declared “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”.  What many of us do not yet realize is that Obama and the leadership of the Democrat Party are socialist ideologues.  As Hillary Clinton indicated in her college thesis on the work of Saul Alinsky, “There is Only the Fight…”; temporary defeats and setbacks are immaterial.  Obama and the Democrat Party are willing to destroy his Presidency and possibly the Party itself in order to get the Health Care Bill signed into law. The implementation of universal health care is the crown jewel in the socialist agenda and has been for over a hundred years.

American socialists (progressives) are convinced that now is the opportune time and that if they do not succeed in their current efforts, socialism is doomed in America, at least for the foreseeable future.  On the other hand, they believe that if they can succeed  in getting socialism firmly entrenched in American society through some type of universal health plan, it will be difficult or even impossible to reverse course later. Our current progressive entitlement programs, and the difficulty in cutting them back are good examples of how they expect their plan to work.

After a century of rewriting history, dumbing down civics education and the strategic placement of progressives in academia, the media and other fonts of public opinion, they believe we will accept their progressive agenda with passive resignation, or at least with no more than a few insipid protests.  After generations of mental and moral conditioning of the American public, they rightly believe that now is their best opportunity to make it happen.  With a dedicated progressive ideologue in the White House and a progressive congress to do his bidding, if they don’t succeed now they probably never will, at least not during our lifetime.

Ignorance is their greatest ally.  An overwhelming majority of the American people are Constitutional and civic illiterates.  This is particularly true of members of the media and politicians.  A recent study by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute found that academics and politicians are the least informed on American civics and the “American” system by at least ten percentage points.

There was a time when the fundamentals of American Civics were taught in our public schools, but no more.  Instead, education is used as an indoctrination system to prepare future generations for progressivism (American socialism).  This needs to be among the first issues we focus on, provided we somehow manage to avoid the complete takeover planned by Obama and his progressive allies.  Above all else, however, there is a need for the American people to wake up and face the facts as they exist and then work to change them.

Until that happens there is little to stand in the way of the “change” Obama promised during his campaign.  He spent over a year telling us exactly what he was intending for the country if he became President but not enough of us were really listening.  Even today, the majority continues to live in a state of self-denial believing that Obama really wants what is best for the country; he just hasn’t figured out yet how to bring it about.

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