The Republican Plan for Surrender

In a CNN interview on Tuesday, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) introduced the Republican slogan, “repeal and replace”, for the fall campaigns.  He goes on to say, “…we’re going to remind the American people of that in the future and hopefully we’ll be able to repeal the most egregious parts of this [health care bill] and replace them with things we could have done on a bipartisan basis much earlier this year.”

“Repeal and replace” is a catchy slogan and no doubt it will catch on with the American people.  What is overlooked is that it is, in the final analysis, a slogan for surrender, the surrender of our liberty, the surrender of our Constitution, and the surrender of our future.  As we have pointed out in previous blogs, “Fixing Health Care”, and others, the federal government has no authority over America’s health care –period. The so-called “general welfare clause”, “the elastic clause” or the “commerce clause” does not give them that authority and neither does any other.

In order for progressivism (American socialism) to succeed, it must first destroy our Constitution. It has been working toward that end for over a hundred years and in the last year; it has all but finished the job.  All it needs now is for the Republican Party to cooperate in its destruction by attempting to “play nice” and come up with a “bi-partisan” solution for our current perceived health care crisis.

After over a century of watching progressives chip away at our Constitution and therefore our liberty, most of us still have not figured out their method of operation.  At one time, we were a Constitutional Republic.  Today, after passage of the health care bill, we are a progressive (American socialist) oligarchy.  We did not go from republicanism to progressivism overnight. We got to where we are today one-step at a time, one compromise after another.  The time for compromise and “bi-partisanship” has passed. Today it is victory or defeat.

We have been attempting to exist in a middle ground between progressivism and capitalism for generations, all the while knowing that the two are mutually exclusive. That middle ground is fast disappearing and there is no longer any ground on which to stand. Progressivism is a cancer on our body politic. It is eating away our economy, our liberty, our Constitution and our children’s future. It can no longer be tolerated by any American who loves our country and our way of life.

Our only hope for the future is elected officials that will take seriously their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. Replacing an unconstitutional Democratic plan with an unconstitutional Republican plan may slow down our demise, but it will not replace the liberty we have lost.  We can no longer afford to vote for a candidate simply based on his or her party label. We have to make it clear to every politician, if they want our vote they will have to support the Constitution without reservation.  That is the only constitutionally mandated duty an elected official has.

Article VI makes the first duty of all officials in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal, as well as the state governments, the support of the Constitution. We are a Republic, not a Democracy.  In a republic, it is the law that rules, not the will of the people, majority or otherwise.  The law for our government is the Constitution of the United States; it trumps the political ambitions of politicians, the opinions of judges, and the self-serving desires of the people until it is replaced by revolution, anarchy, or lawful amendments.

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2 responses to “The Republican Plan for Surrender

  1. Dear Sir, 3/28/2010
    My name is Alan Lowberg. I am running for Congress District 1 here in Maine. I am just getting to know the Illinois Conservative web site, and I like it a lot. I am a true Conservative: believing in strong defense, fiscal responsibility, family values, smaller Government, and personal liberty. I am also a true patriot giving my devotion to this nation, and willing to do what is necessary to take back this nation and restore it to the rule of law. On patriotism is where I believe I part company with the Republican Party, at least everyone I have ever heard. Their mantra is to take back the party. I believe if our focus is taking back a party and not on the higher focus of taking back the country they are actually espousing communism, and placing party ahead of Country even sound communist.

    When presented with this argument the Republicans will say they want to take back the country only by means of the Republican Party, but this still sounds communist and is communism. America does not need any political Party. With the internet we have powers of organization our founders never dreamed of. This country is owned by Independents, people of faith, and true Patriots, but we continue to delegate our ownership to one or the other major parties. Not me. I am a Conservative Independent Patriot, and I am going to stay this way.

    Anyway, with your permission could this true Patriot use the material own your page giving credit naturally!

    PS: Most Republicans I have ever heard only use the term Conservative for branding and marketing purposes only.

    For God and Country
    Alan Lowberg