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Arizona Testing Sanity of the Left

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Arizona is driving the left crazy. What is weird is that almost without exception, opponents to Arizona’s SB1070 show in their proclamations against the bill that Arizona is within its legal rights in what it is doing.

For example, the Chambers of Commerce for a number of Mexican border towns have called for “a day without Mexicans” for May 25.  The idea is for Mexicans to avoid crossing into the U.S. on that day for any reason, including shopping or work. Girón Fernández de Jáuregui, President of the Nuevo Laredo Chamber of Commerce says, “It will be a grand moment of solidarity among border Mexicans”. Nuevo Laredo, of course, is on the border with Texas, not Arizona, and Texas has indicated they do not intend to follow Arizona’s lead.

No matter. According to de Jaueregui, he has already heard that “some legislators are considering carrying a bill that would make criminals out of those without documents.”  Duhh, the Arizona law does not make criminals out of anyone. That is something people do for themselves whenever they choose to break the law. It has been illegal for aliens to be in the U.S. without permission since at least the 1940s. All foreign nationals are required by Federal law to carry proof of their immigration status with them at all times.  That is nothing new.  Failure to carry the proper documentation makes one subject to arrest, and penalties up to and including deportation.

Neither is being stopped and asked for identification, although that is reasonably rare.  I am an average looking Caucasian male, and have been stopped by police on several occasions and asked for identification; once when someone fitting my description had committed a crime and was being sought by the cops. Had I not produced identification I would have gotten a free ride to the closest police station. There is nothing at all unusual about being asked for identification.  It is virtually impossible to carry on any new financial transactions, register for a hotel room, cash a check or any one of a million other actions we engage in every day without producing some type of valid ID.

Another illogical response is by the AFL-CIO. In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Wade Henderson, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition of more than 200 organizations, urged the administration to immediately stop cooperating with local law enforcement officials in Arizona. The illogical nature of this protest is included in the letter which says, in part,

“We write to express our deep concern with the Department of Homeland Security’s continued cooperation with state and local law enforcement in Arizona pursuant to Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (”the 287(g) program”) in the aftermath of Arizona’s passage of Senate Bill 1070, and we ask that you immediately rescind all 287(g) program agreements in Arizona.

Section 287(g) is the section of the Immigration and Nationality Act authorizing the Immigration Service to train and supervise state law enforcement in enforcing immigration law.  In other words, the AFL-CIO objects to Arizona doing exactly what the decades old immigration law intended for them to do.

And of course, no left wing protest would be complete without pointing out the negative impact on women and children. This one is no exception.  A group called “The Women’s Emergency Human Rights Delegation” released a statement in Phoenix on May 9.

“…We bear witness to the brutal impacts of this legislation on women and children and the threat of similar laws nationally.

The testimony we have heard here makes clear in vivid and haunting detail how SB 1070 constitutes a violation of every principle we hold dear to safeguard women and mothers, workers and leaders.  It has paved the way for assaults on the basic human rights of women who came here simply to support their families, and created an environment in which violence against women and children in every way (physical, spiritual and legal) has been state-sanctioned.

Women and children courageously recalled before us some of the traumatic experiences they have faced. Their testimony reveals the horrific consequences and enduring effects of raids, harassment and detention of family members in migratory communities – as well as their incredible spirit of resistance….”

The same complaint, of course, could be made by the family of any person arrested for the violation of any law. Police and courts routinely separate criminals from their families.  There is no alternative. By definition, illegal immigrants are criminals.  They may not be violent; they may work every day and support their family; they may pay their debts and taxes, but they are nonetheless criminals because they routinely break the law.

America’s immigration laws are designed to allow for an orderly immigration process that facilitates assimilation and the eventual Americanization of those who wish to become a part of the American dream. These and similar laws have allowed America to develop into the “melting pot” that was admired by all the peoples of the world, until the mid-1960s when enforcement of immigration law began to fall apart. The choices we have now is either to once again bring common sense and order to our immigration policies, or turn our backs on all that our forefathers have built and allow our country to be overrun and changed forever by massive, uncontrolled immigration that literally threatens to destroy our way of life forever.

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