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A Formula For An Alternative Party

The next few years may give conservatives an opportunity to build their “Dream Party”

It has occurred to me that if Conservatives were able to focus on reality for a few years, we could establish an alternative to the Republican Party for the 2016 or 2020 elections. It has been done several times before in our history, but not the way it is being proposed by third party advocates. Third parties do not, have not, and cannot succeed in our “winner take all” elections.

As with most things concerning government, our forefathers have shown us the way, if we are willing to put aside our egos and our lust for fame and power and follow the examples they gave us. History is our best teacher.

The first truth we have to recognize is that, in the end, there are only two political philosophies, statism and liberty; those who believe the government should be supreme and those who believe the people should be supreme. Throughout our history, the contest has always been between these two philosophies.

Our first Party, the Federalist, represented the statist philosophy. In the election of 1800, the Federalists were annihilated and replaced by the Democratic-Republicans. By 1824, the Democratic-Republican Party had disintegrated also. There were no Party candidates put forward for the 1824 election and neither of the four candidates running without a party to back them, won the required majority of electoral votes, therefore the President, John Quincy Adams, was chosen by the House of Representatives.

By 1828 Andrew Jackson, who had run without a Party in 1824 and actually received a plurality of the electoral votes, had organized the statist remnants of the two defunct  parties into a new party, the Democratic Party. He won easily over the newly organized National Republican Party backing John Quincy Adams‘ try for a second term. The National Republican Party was trounced by the Democrats in 1832 and 1836 and finally replaced by the Whig Party.

From 1836 to 1852, the Presidency alternated between the Whigs and the Democrats with each holding the White House for four years.  After losing the 1852 election, the Whigs disintegrated, to be replaced by the Republican Party. The Republican Party split the 1856 vote with the short-lived American Party (the Know-Nothings), and the Democrats won. In 1860 the former Whig, Abraham Lincoln ran as a Republican and won.

Since that time, except for the election of 1864, when the Republican Convention briefly changed its name to the Union Party, either a Democrat or a Republican has held the White House.

What does all this teach us about establishing an alternative constitution conservative party by 2020?

First, we have to demolish the Democratic Party. Obama, is doing a pretty good job of that for us. However, the 2010 and 2012 elections are going to be close. Defeating the Democrats is not going to be easy. It will be impossible if conservatives insist on sitting out the elections or voting for third party candidates. On the other hand, conditions have never been more favorable for landslide victories against the Democrats if conservatives support and vote for Republicans in the next two elections.

If the Democrats can be crushed in 2010 and 2012, the professional politicians in their ranks will see the handwriting on the wall and cross over to the Republican Party in an attempt to salvage their careers. That has been the pattern throughout our history and I see no evidence that the next few years will be any different.

With the Democratic Party in shambles and the Republican Party bogged down with cross-over Democrats, independent conservatives and conservative republicans will have a realistic opportunity to organize a new party to run in opposition to the new homogenous Republican Party that will be made up of progressive Republicans and disaffected progressive Democrats.

On the other hand, if we lose the next two elections or hand them over to the Democrats by insisting on “voting our principles” as a third party, we will have missed the only opportunity we are likely to have for returning the United States back to a limited constitutional republic.

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