Daily Archives: November 3, 2010


By Jerry McDaniel

Tuesday was a good day for America as it took its first small steps back to sanity. Nationwide, the Republican Party, thanks to the patriot movement, had a good day, taking control of the House of Representatives, and increasing its seats in the Senate. At the same time Republicans increased the number of Republican Governors and their membership in state legislatures. The final numbers are not in yet, but it looks as if the Republicans will gain close to sixty-five seats in the House of Representatives, the largest gain since 1932. They will not have a majority in the Senate, but they will have enough to filibuster any attempts on the part of the Democrats to push through toxic legislation designed to further wreck our economy and destroy our liberty.

A side benefit of Republican gains is that the House Democrats who weathered the storm this time and the Senate Democrats who will be up for reelection in 2012 and 2014 will not be as willing to go over the cliff for their party as they have been in past years. Party discipline will be much easier to maintain for the Republicans and much harder for the Democrats.

However, we need to keep in mind that the results of Tuesday’s election only represent the first faltering steps along the long road to take back our government. We still have a nation held tightly in the grip of two political parties designed to get and hold power, not to serve the best interests of the American people. The Republican Party may have gained control of the House, and its power in the Senate may be on a near par with the Democrats, but the State Parties and the national Republican establishment have failed the people miserably in major ways over the past two election cycle.

In their attempts to gain a strategic advantage they manipulate the primary system to reward faithfulness to the party rather than faithfulness to the office and the people it serves. When candidates are chosen with the welfare of the party in mind and not the welfare of the nation it is seldom that we get the best candidate. The Republican Party’s failure in this election is particularly evident in Delaware, Alaska, Nevada, Illinois, California, and Washington State.

In each of these states, the Republican establishment is attempting to blame the grassroots demand for reform and constitutional government for its own shortcomings. In each state, with the possible exception of Illinois, the people made their choices known in the primaries. Had the Republican Party thrown their support wholeheartedly behind the people’s candidate in each race they would have in all likelihood, regained the Senate and increased their numbers in the House even more. Instead, they disparaged the people’s candidate and undermined them at every opportunity. And now they have the audacity to blame the “Tea Party Movement” when the truth is that without the “Tea Party Movement” they probably would not have performed as well as they did.

In Delaware they did everything they could to destroy Christine O’Donnell, In Alaska they allowed their losing candidate to maintain her committee assignments and gave tacit approval to her write in campaign. They likewise refused to support fully the people’s candidates in California and Nevada, questioning the candidates’ ability to win and their qualifications for the office they sought. In Illinois, they scheduled a primary in February. Seeking to help party incumbents, they shortened the primary season and forced a vote before voters had the opportunity to get to know the most conservative candidates, who for the most part, did not have widespread name recognition. The result is that voters in the November election were left to try and determine which party offered the lesser evil. Now Illinois has a Senator who does not have the confidence of a major part of the electorate and will probably side with the opposition on major issues.

We are also beginning to hear calls from some Republican leaders in Congress for bipartisanship. We are told we have to work with the President and the Democrats if we wish to get anything done. It is quite possible that the best thing for the country would be total gridlock in Congress until we have had time to sort things out and determine the right course of action in the future.  We are also reminded that politics is the “art of compromise”. The implication is that we should overlook the fact that in order to compromise on any proposal, we first have to accept the underlying premise on which it is based.

We cannot compromise on a tax hike, for example, until we first accept the premise that a tax increase is necessary and affordable, and that one can be designed that will not damage the economy and further erode our standard of living. We cannot compromise on health care without first accepting the premise that it is the federal government’s responsibility to provide health care for its people. We cannot accept increased energy taxes to curb climate change until we first accept the premise that energy use is a primary cause of climate change.

We could go on with a long list of premises underlying the Obama agenda, but it should be obvious that all the premises of progressivism (American socialism) have been proven repeatedly to be false. If we are to save our republic and the liberty it affords, the unspoken and spoken motto of the new Congress must be, NO COMPROMISE on the part of Republicans. At the first sign of compromise, we have to make it clear to our representatives that if they follow through on any that compromises our liberty and further weakens our Constitution, they will be challenged in the 2012 primaries and that we will work diligently to defeat them at the polls.