Health Care: The Canary in the Coalmine

By Jerry McDaniel

America is perhaps one of the only places on earth where ordinary citizens have the power to substantially change the policies of government without armed revolution; that is, IF we act before Obama and his minions become so entrenched that he can completely override the Constitution and rule by Executive Order as many of his advisers are already encouraging him to do.

During the next two years, Republicans will attempt to dismantle much of the Obama agenda, particularly, the recently passed health care bill. At present, there are a number of plans for doing so. Some twenty states have filed a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the individual mandate. Other states have indicated they will not attempt to enforce parts of the legislation requiring major outlay of funds by the states. Several Republican members of Congress have half-heartedly promised to introduce bills to repeal the health care legislation, while expressing the belief that outright repeal will not be possible.

Any efforts short of total repeal will constitute a major victory for progressivism and another giant step toward the eventual abandonment of the Constitution. It is not necessary that we accept the health care bill as written in order to give the federal government ultimate control over our lives and almost one third of our economy.  It is only necessary that we accept the premise that the federal government has the power to regulate the nation’s health care system.

Money is always the key. Currently, most health care for persons under sixty-five is paid for through private or employer paid insurance. Private health care insurance companies are now regulated by the individual states. Once the power to regulate has been shifted from the states to the federal government, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires, the federal government will be able to regulate insurance companies out of business by requiring coverage that private companies cannot meet and remain solvent. As private insurance companies abandon the marketplace, the only alternative is single-payer insurance through the federal government.

As is now true with Medicare, once the government becomes the only source of health care funding, it can then determine through its payment schedules the medical treatment and procedures individual patients will be eligible to receive. Federal government involvement in the health care field through Medicare and Medicaid for the past fifty years or so has already pushed the cost of medical treatment far beyond the financial ability of the average person, by increasing the demand.

Alaska and Minnesota so far, have refused to apply for ACA grants to set up insurance exchanges in their states. However, as a recent article in TIME points out, there is a provision in the legislation that permits the federal government to step in and take over when states refuse to cooperate. If that isn’t bad enough, what will trigger the Fed’s take over has not been defined yet. That is left for the Health and Human Service’s rule-making authority to determine. The ACA is a lose-lose proposition for the American people. Accepting any part of the bill requires that we first accept the federal government’s power to regulate health care and health care insurance in America.

A centerpiece of the Republican plan is to allow for the purchase of health care across state lines. On the surface that sounds good, however, once that becomes law then the insurance companies can be regulated by the feds with little resistance under the interstate commerce clause in the Constitution. Either way the result is the same. Health care has become the canary in the coalmine. If we are unable to effect a total repeal of ACA, we can wave goodbye to the Constitutional Republic our ancestors and we have enjoyed for the past two-hundred plus years.



3 responses to “Health Care: The Canary in the Coalmine

  1. Please remember the mandate was originally a republican idea.

  2. It doesn’t matter who proposed it…it’s wrong.