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America in Denial

Psychologists tell us that denial is a natural and normal defense mechanism designed to protect us from real or imaginary fears or feelings of insecurity. Denial is often used by people who ignore early symptoms of potentially serious disease, by victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and by parents of out-of-control teenagers. It is universally used by those addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling to protect them from the difficult and unpleasant task of having to confront their problem and doing what is necessary to correct it.

During the last decade of the nineteenth century, America became “hooked” on socialism brought into the country by immigrants from European nations where socialism was gaining a foothold. During the “progressive era”, America developed an addiction and by the end of the great depression was completely dependent to the socialist drug OPM (other people’s money). Just as an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling destroys the lives of individuals, an addiction to OPM destroys the spirit of a nation by killing initiative, self-reliance and independence. Citizens willingly give up their liberty in exchange for an OPM induced sense of security.

Two major identifiers of addiction are denial and blame. Alcoholics and other addicts often delude themselves into believing they only use their drug of choice for “medicinal purposes” to allow them to weather “rough spots” in their lives. Confront a progressive with the self-evident truth that their progressive policies amount to socialism and they will vehemently deny it, insisting their use of OPM is necessary to relieve the symptoms of societal ills. The addict is always going to “kick the habit” as soon as their life crisis is over, just as a nation addicted to OPM is going to return to fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets as soon as justice is restored and the economy improves — next year.

The addict always blames others for the conditions that led to their addiction whether it is family members, job stress, or just the unfairness of the “system”. For the progressive it’s “big business”, “big oil”, “the rich”, “Wall Street”, racism, sexism, etc. Originality is not the “strong suite” of socialism; progressives have been using the same sales pitch to justify their addiction to OPM since the “trust busting” days of Theodore Roosevelt and William H. Taft over a hundred years ago.

In our “addiction” model of America’s dependency on socialism and OPM, the federal government is the “supplier”, the progressive Democrat Party is the “pusher” and the Republican Party is the “enabler”.  Citizens, state and local governments are the addicts. Without “intervention”, America will continue on its self-destructive path of socialist addiction until its economic, moral and political systems are completely destroyed and it is forced into withdrawal “cold turkey”. The only potential source of intervention on the horizon is the Tea Party movement.

The problem with the drug OPM is that the supply is finite. When it is gone, withdrawal follows, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Withdrawal is never pretty or painless. We see the symptoms of OPM withdrawal in France, Germany, England and other European nations already. In America, we are starting to see it in a growing number of states as they run out of OPM and are forced to cut back on its use to support the addiction among their citizens.

The first casualty of America’s addiction was our Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is incompatible with socialism and the two cannot coexist simultaneously. Any attempt at intervention without insisting on a return to constitutional government will be a futile waste of effort. Patriots must have a zero tolerance for any violation of the Constitution. The goal must be to restore the American principles of the rule of law, equality under the law, community standards of morality, equal opportunity for self-improvement, individual responsibility, the sanctity of private property including the products of one’s labor, and a stable civil society. Anything less and we can never regain the liberty we have lost over the past century.

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Choosing the Right Candidate

Before we know it, we are going to find ourselves in the midst of the most important primary race in generations. The number of patriots who recognize the perils facing America has grown exponentially over the past two years along with the continued growth of the Tea Party Movement. A number of patriotic politicians have stepped up to the plate to oppose the reckless and dangerous socialist policies of the current administration. Still, as we survey the developing field of possible “conservative” candidates we see a lot of ambiguity as to what it means to be a true constitution  conservative, both among the people and the potential candidates.

There are only two issues in the next election, one for the people and one for the candidates. The one for the people is; do we wish to continue as a constitutional republic or as a democratic socialist oligarchy?  The answer to that question determines the question we must get a clear answer to before we decide to support any candidate in the coming elections.  If the answer is that we want to continue as a constitutional republic, then the only thing we need to know about the candidate is; will he or she fight for our founding principles and defend our founding documents?

This is not something about which we have to speculate.  We have over four hundred years of history as our guide; 169 years of colonialism under a monarchy, 5 years as independent nation states, 8 years as a confederation of sovereign states, and 222 years as a constitutional republic, including some 130 years of experimenting with socialism. The one lesson we should have learned from our own history as well as the history of other nations of the world is that socialism does not work. Yet, in spite of the clear evidence that it does not, our political leaders continue to attempt to force in on an inadequately informed population.

The number one challenge facing the patriot movement today is a lack of knowledge among the voting public concerning our history, our Constitution and our American heritage. America has become a nation addicted to big government socialism. In order to cure any addiction one first has to recognize it and admit that it is a problem and have a real desire to break the habit.

Illinois Conservative.Com has published a new book, “Philosophy of Evil” especially for Tea Party Members and other patriots to help in understanding who we are as a people, where we are today as a nation and how we got here. It is the result of years of study and months of intensive research in American history and the history of socialism, especially as it took root and grew in American society. Philosophy of Evil traces the history of socialism in America from the early experiments with it in colonial times, through the utopian commune movement, the progressive era and its rapid growth in the twentieth century, culminating in the economic, political and social crises we are experiencing  today.

We invite our readers to go to our website, check out the subject index and read the sample chapters we have posted there. We believe an understanding of the information found in this book is essential to the restoration of America as a constitutional republic. As Thomas Jefferson said concerning his writing of the Declaration of Independence,

“[Our purpose is] not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent. …. Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it [is] intended to be an expression of the American mind.”  Thomas Jefferson, 1825

New Book
Philosophy of Evil
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