Fooled, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled on Debt/Budget Deal

By Sam Gallo
Conservative Party USA

It is now clear the new Debt/Budget “Deal” the Republi-Dem elite have fashioned among themselves exemplifies “business as usual” in Washington.  This “compromised” Bill is a smelly political deal rather than a true fiscal solution. It accomplishes NOTHING resembling the desires of the people.

America lost and Obama won. Period.

This Bill increases the debt ceiling by $2.1 Trillion immediately while it spreads just $1T in cuts over 10 years. The REAL debt increase, however, will be more than $8T because Baseline Budgeting rules require the government to spend $10T during that period. Fooled!

The Bill makes no necessary structural reforms to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.  It creates yet another Commission to “recommend” cuts that Congress will ignore just like it ignored all the previous Commissions. Even when Congress fails to make cuts (and you know they won’t make any cuts during an election year), that “Trigger” has more loopholes and gimmicks than old Swiss cheese hanging in a Rube Goldberg factory.  The Bill exempts those big entitlement programs from any cuts while Defense and Homeland Security will suffer almost 50% reductions if the “Trigger” is pulled. Hoodwinked!

Obama and Democrats got this entire debt and spending issue pulled off the table until after the election.  Keeping current tax rates is the only thing Republicans “won” during this political charade and even that is no sure bet once the new Commission acts. The GOP just “compromised” with……..itself.

This “Deal with the Devil” has another aspect that few people understand. The White House and their supporters in the Lame Stream Media convinced Republicans into thinking they prevailed by repeating the false notion that Obama “caved” while the Tea Party “won”.  The media firmly believe that a big lie – if repeated often enough – will eventually be accepted as true.  All that counterfeit left-handed praise was designed for only one purpose: it duped Republican RINO’s into supporting the Bill just because they believed Obama lost the negotiations. Bamboozled!

This fiasco reconfirms that the two-party system is failing America – again.

2 responses to “Fooled, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled on Debt/Budget Deal

  1. Another troubling issue on this debt deal is the ‘super congress’ I believe it to be totally unconstitutional and a very serious threat to our republic. This committee will have WAY too much power. I can’t believe the pinheads in DC are making themselves obsolete.

  2. We need an entirely new Congress. John Boehner held all the cards and he folded like a lawn chair. The message we sent in 2010 was ignored and we need to send an even stronger message in 2012. Every conservative in America knows we have to cut spending, but there are 536 people in DC who just don’t get it. They need to GO!