We’re Growing!

We are expanding our presence on the Internet. This will require changes on our sites that may be confusing to some readers. We trust that our followers, subscribers, and visitors will bear with us during this transition period. Here are some of the changes we have made or will make in the near future.

This blog will revert to its original name, Illinois Conservative Beacon;
url – illinoisconservative.wordpress.com

Illinois Conservative Beacon will feature commentaries on national and local politics, as well as current events and leading news stories.

Christian Patriots USA blog has been moved to its new location at; christianpatriotsusa.wordpress.com

Christian Patriots USA will carry commentaries on the American culture, current events and trends affecting our culture, violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as they infringe on our freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc.

New posts to either blog will be cross-linked to the other one.

Our Website, Illinois Conservative.com will be shared with Christian Patriots USA. It can be accessed at either of the following urls:


The website contains resource materials valuable to any patriot wishing to acquire more knowledge of our founding documents, founding principles and our American heritage. Here are some examples:

On-line tutorial: Fundamentals of the American System of Government
The Constitution in Standard format.
Reference Edition of the Constitution.
Bill of Rights.
Amendments to the Constitution.
The Declaration of Independence.
Jefferson’s final draft of the Declaration of Independence.
Complete Text of Federalist Papers.
Madison’s notes on the Constitution Convention 1787
Selected Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
On Line Book: Progressivism, Philosophy of Evil
And Much More

Thank you for your continued patronage. Please adjust your bookmarks, etc. to reflect these changes.


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