The 2012 Revolution

Re-post of  article first published August 4, 2011

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the longest Civil War in world history, the war between the American Socialists and the American Conservatives. Make no mistake about it; we are in the midst of a Civil War, although most Americans do not recognize it and most refuse to accept its reality. Although its conduct resembles the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union more than it does the Civil War between the states, the dangers to the future of America are every bit as threatening as either of those.  Read More…

One response to “The 2012 Revolution

  1. The drive-by liberal media will have no part of putting forth this most excellent commentary.

    Another example of the corruption in Congress is that Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D – Nevada) has not put a budget on the floor of the Senate in three years, counter to the rule of law. President Obama’s veto power is limited by the Constitution requiring the house and Senate to override it with a subsequent 2/3’s vote. However, Reid’s left wing veto power is absolute. He can prevent any vote by exclusively deciding what and when anything hits the Senate floor.

    This is just a small part of the reason why Congress has an approval rate of 17%.