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A Test For Tea Parties

Tuesday, all eyes will be on Illinois, Republicans will be looking for clues to determine how to run their general election campaigns.  Democrats will be looking for propaganda to convince their dwindling supporters that the hemorrhaging has stopped.  Everyone will be looking at the “tea party movement” in Illinois for an indication of its strength or weakness.

The left only has one page in its playbook for fighting its opposition, “demonize and destroy them”.  They will be looking to us for an opening.  The big race that will draw the most national attention and generate the most analysis and fodder for the talking heads is the U.S. Senate race.  The three candidates they will be closely watching are the liberal Mark Kirk, the untested Patrick Hughes and the conservative Don Lowery.

The Republican establishment has forgiven him his transgressions against Party principles in voting for TARP and Cap and Trade, and is backing Mark Kirk to win the nomination. They are counting on his backing from special interest groups, his name recognition, and his newly learned conservative rhetoric to win out in November against the Democratic nominee.

The conservative elite are backing Patrick Hughes.  He has endorsements from a large number of Republican moderates and even some conservatives who believe he is the one to beat Kirk.  His PR firm has managed to arrange interviews with talk radio hosts like Don Wade and Mark Levin.  Mark has endorsed him on the air, and as Mark is a favorite with constitution conservatives, his endorsement carries some weight.

Don Lowery is a low budget, unknown grassroots candidate who has a dedicated following among the tea parties, but little acknowledgement from the mass media or from conservative radio.  Both the Democrats and Republicans are hoping that Lowery and Hughes will split the conservative vote and give the nomination to Mark Kirk. That would be a real tragedy for the country and a major set back for the tea party movement.

To complicate the situation even further, it all boils down to principle.  Those whose core principle is based on constitutional limited government will vote for Lowery and those whose core principle is based on winning at any cost will vote for Hughes. I do not pretend to be an infallible prognosticator, but from my point of view there is no way Hughes can win and Lowery’s chances depend entirely on the tea partiers and 912ers.

Tuesday is going to be a major test for the young tea party movement and not just for Illinois. Its ramifications will be felt throughout the country. The test is whether the tea party movement can unite behind a single candidate within the next few days or, is the way to neutralize the movement to fragment it by running a number of viable conservative candidates in each election and splitting the conservative vote?  I will let you know Wednesday.

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ICAN Top Picks For February 2

There are only a few days left until the all-important Illinois primary on February 2.  Illinoisans have tolerated liberalism, cronyism, nepotism, corruption, and sleaze ball politics that drive away businesses and jobs for far too long.  We have an opportunity in next week’s primary to take the first step towards real reform, not only in Illinois, but in Washington as well.  We have a better field of candidates to choose from than we have had in years. The problem is how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Old Guard Republicans are working hard to mislead voters and get establishment backed candidates elected in order to preserve their clout.  The patriot uprising that started last April has caused candidates of every stripe to brush up on the language of conservatism to attract and sometimes mislead voters.  I cannot remember an election when so many candidates were claiming the mantle of conservatism or invoking the Constitution more than in this one.

For that reason, it is more important than ever that voters do their homework before going to the polls. It is equally important that we not be misled by claims that one candidate or another has the only chance of being elected.  The truth is that in this election, no one can predict with any accuracy what the outcome is going to be.  Everything depends on turnout.  The key is those who make up the “tea party movement”.  They are the largest, best informed, most patriotic and enthusiastic group of voters in the state.  If they refuse to be misled or discouraged by “conventional wisdom” and turn out to vote along with their friends, families, and neighbors, there are going to be a lot of surprised political “experts” on Wednesday morning.

We have put a lot of effort into picking candidates that we can recommend with confidence. Here is a list of our top nine picks and the reasons we picked them.

Adam Andrzejewski
for Governor.  Adam is a former entrepreneur and businessman.  He is running as a reform candidate and he is serious about it.  I have worked some in his campaign as a volunteer and have spoken to hundreds of voters about his qualifications.  Adam believes in our Constitution and as governor, he will work to restore the Tenth Amendment.  His signature issue is the state budget and taxes.  He is equally devoted to returning control of our education system back to the state and reforming it for maximum benefit to our children’s education.  If you are serious about reform, Adam is the one.

Don Lowery for U.S. Senate.  The most important congressional race for Illinois voters is the one for U.S. Senate.  This seat is important for the state because it will give some balance to our present representation in Washington, if we can pick a primary candidate that can win in November. That candidate is Judge Don Lowery.  He is the only candidate that can successfully turn the debate in the general election into a debate on the Constitution and then win that debate.

The Constitution is rapidly becoming a topic of discussion in the national media for the first time within my memory and I predict that it will be a major factor in the 2012 races.  That is a discussion that is sorely needed, and one that draws the sharpest line between the Conservative Republicans and the Socialist Democrats on every issue.  Judge Lowery’s knowledge and understanding of the Constitution is unsurpassed among the six Republicans vying for the nomination. In addition, his statesmanlike demeanor, his personal background and his accomplishments in serving his country will immediately make him a respected figure on Capitol Hill.

Rosanna Pulido, 5th Congressional District. Rosanna is a well-known conservative activist and advocate for seniors and a supporter of our police and firefighters.  She will help fight corruption in one of the most corrupt districts in the state. We support her because she is the most likely candidate among those running who will defend the Constitution.

Joe Walsh, 8th Congressional District.  Joe takes a firm constitution conservative position on education, national defense, government spending, health care and all the issues in the forefront of political discussion today. Joe is not a part of the political establishment and would be a real reformer in Congress.

Joel Pollak, 9t Congressional District.  Joel is another constitution conservative who will fight for tax cuts, limited government, strong national defense and reform both in Washington and at home.  He will be running against progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky in the general election and we believe he has the best chance for winning the seat.

David McAloon, 11th Congressional District. David is a strong defender of the Constitution and our founding principles.  David supports local control of education, opposes abortion, supports the Second Amendment, and supports a strong national defense and protection of our borders. He is a dedicated constitution conservative.

Teri Davis Newman, 12 Congressional District.  The 12th district has two conservative women vying for the nomination.  We came down on the side of Teri because of her respect for the Constitution and her enthusiasm, independence and tenacity.  She will not be a lap dog for the Republican establishment.

Randy Hultgren, 14th Congressional District.  Randy has a twelve-year record fighting for conservative values in the Illinois Legislature.  He is a strong advocate for the unborn, and supporter of the Second Amendment.  He has an impressive list of endorsements from some of the leading Conservative organizations like the National Rifle Association, the American Conservative Union, Illinois Citizens for Life and Illinois Federation for Right to Life.

Mike Firsching, 19th Congressional District.  Concerning the Constitution, Mike says, “It is the duty of all elected representatives to uphold and protect the Constitution. I would do so. I would never support legislation that exceeds the list of powers. A slow correction of the unconstitutional legislation needs to begin. It will take decades to return the federal government to its originally intended powers. Progress towards this must be accomplished every year.”  That’s enough to get my vote, but in fairness to our readers, I have to admit I know less about his position on specific issues than I do with other candidates.

In the limited time we have remaining it is critical that we use it to contact as many people as we can, any way we can and make sure they get to the polls on Tuesday. We need to keep the momentum going that has been built up by the tea party groups in New York, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Mark Kirk and TARP

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Report from Illinois Tea Party

For Immediate Release


January 25, 2010 – ILLINOIS TEA PARTY organizers across the state have been holding candidate debates, voter information meetings, and precinct committee meetings in an effort to support conservative candidates.  While ILLINOIS TEA PARTY does not officially endorse candidates, a straw poll involving the Tea Party organizers across the State shows results that strongly favor Adam Andrzejewski for Governor and Judge Don Lowery for United States Senator.

“Americans have made it clear they’re tired of outrageous spending, proposed tax hikes, and legislators who don’t read the bill,” Denise Cattoni, Illinois state coordinator for ILLINOIS TEA PARTY. “We’ve seen our national debt soar under the guise of ‘Too Big To Fail’ and ‘Stimulus’ while unemployment has grown to over 10% and continues to climb. We’ve called, written, and protested; hoping our voices would be heard by Congress.  This statewide straw poll of our local organizers reflect a preference for candidates who will change politics as usual and truly represent the values of the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY.”


In Illinois, more than 40 conservative grassroots groups have joined together as the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY to say ‘No More’! We’re the Americans that took Rick Santelli to heart when he said “we’re going to have a TEA party by the lake”.  Today, there are tens of thousands of Illinoisans who have joined the ILLINOIS TEA PARTY movement and the numbers continue to grow.

Unprecedented Grassroots Movement

On February 27, 2009, a cold day in Chicago, the Illinois TEA Party started as individuals came together and demanded our legislators hear the voices of those who elected them.   Again, on April 15th Americans gathered in 850 locations across the country to make it clear to our legislators we want smaller government, fewer and lower taxes, free-market systems, and stronger national security.

More than 10,000 ILLINOIS TEA PARTY supporters rallied in New Lenox on Labor Day when the Tea Party Express stopped on its’ way to Washington. On September 12th, well over one million Tea Party/9-12’ers traveled to Washington D.C. to illustrate how strongly we believe in the proper role of government.

As one of the bluest States in the union, it is an uphill battle against the ‘political machine’ here in Illinois.  Recently in another very blue State, we supported Scott Brown and the people of Massachusetts stood up and took action.  We are fighting for our freedoms, our children’s futures, and the return to Constitutional government. We are making a difference were it counts, in the voting booth.


The ILLINOIS TEA PARTY, 9/12 groups, Band of Mothers, Patriots United, Midwest Conservatives and other true grassroots organizations stand unified in seeking out candidates who represent their constituencies.  The ILLINOIS TEA PARTY will continue watching each bill that comes along, every campaign contribution, and every broken promise. It will continue to educate the people of Illinois so they know the truth and can make informed choices in the voting booth.

For more information about ILLINOIS TEA PARTY, contact your local organizers at http://www.illinoistea.org.

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Editors Note: Illinois Tea Party has no affiliation with Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express, or American Liberty Alliance, but does support conservative movements who are working towards a common goal.


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Last Call to Tea Party groups, 912 groups and other Conservative Patriot Groups.

There is only one week left before the all-important primary elections.  It is more important than ever that we do all in our power to elect candidates who will support and defend our Constitution, our only defense against the advancement of socialism.  The most important contest, of a national nature, for Illinois voters in 2010 is the one for U.S. Senate.

Senators alone vote for Supreme Court Justices, Executive appointments and State Department treaties.  These votes grow more critical to the future of our republic every year.  They have never been more important than in this election year. If we send another RINO to Congress it will be six years before we can correct the error. We cannot afford to allow the present state of affairs with the socialist/democratic party having a super majority in the Senate and only an opposition party of compromising, wishy-washy Republicans on our side.

Even though we have temporarily stopped the economic disaster of a national health care system, there is a very strong likelihood that enough Republicans in Congress who still “have not gotten the message” will allow a compromise, thereby giving the socialists a victory. Remember, socialism has advanced to the point where it is today incrementally, by making radical proposals and then compromising with moderate Republicans to advance their cause one-step at a time. This has been going on for over a hundred years and it is time to bring it to a halt.  We can only do that if we elect members of Congress who will insist on adherence to the Constitution. Socialism in incompatible with our Constitution and it remains our best defense against a looming socialist tyranny.

Our website glossary defines the Republican Party as “A political party whose primary purpose is protecting the incumbency of its elected members in government and promoting the candidacy of members aspiring to offices not already held by another member in good standing.  Its voting base consists of conservatives, moderates and independents.  Its dominate support group is conservative”.  Since there is no Republican incumbent in this election it is only natural that the establishment supports candidates that they believe will most likely support the “political” goals of the Party and not necessarily those most likely to support the Constitution or do what is best for their state and the country.

The Party establishment and conventional opinion makers seem to have settled on Mark Kirk, the most liberal Republican candidate running, according to the Illinois Family Institute’s Voter Guide, and Patrick Hughes, an unproven conservative.  Four other candidates have at least mastered the conservative terminology if not conservative principles.  In an ordinary election year, several of them would be acceptable.  However, this is not an ordinary election year.  We cannot afford to send a Senator to Congress who may become compromised by the “beltway” culture.

There is only one candidate that we can confidently depend on to support and defend the Constitution. That is Judge Don Lowery, a downstate judge of 26 years and a Vietnam veteran.  We have met with Judge Lowery and engaged in an hour-long open and candid conversation concerning the Constitution and current national issues.  We are convinced that he is the “real deal”.  The problem is that he has been all but ignored by the popular media and is not as well known as some of the other candidates who have served in various elected offices around the state.

What we need is a real “grassroots” effort in Illinois to make sure that everyone who goes to the polls on February 2 knows who Judge Lowery is and what he stands for.  We believe that if the people of Illinois get to know him, he will be our next U.S. Senator and we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have at least one person who will stand for the Constitution. They did it in NY23, they did it in Virginia, they did it in Massachusetts and we can do it in Illinois.  We have a statewide network of Tea Party patriots, 912 patriots, and any number of other conservative groups and individual patriots who, for the first time, have a real interest in taking back their Party and their Country.

Over the next week, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to write “Letters to the Editor”, call in to talk shows, e-mail friends, acquaintances and others in our particular group. Almost everyone belongs to some type of group, church, PTA, sports club, bridge club, or what ever.  Let’s contact everyone we can and not only ask them to vote for Judge Lowery but let them know why.  You can begin by using the share icon below to forward this message to everyone on your mailing list.  We have posted a video and several commentaries on this blog about Judge Lowery over the past month.  You can use our search engine to find the posts if you are not yet well informed on the Judge.


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Important Message from So. IL Tea Party Patriot

As most of you know by now, there are groups looking to come into Illinois and capitalize on the tea party movement.  They are trying to speak for us and to push a candidate that we have seen in person and have rejected.

For those of us who have met and know Judge Don Lowery, we are assured that he is the candidate that can stand up for us in DC.  We know his background of public service, we know his dedication to the Constitution and we know his motives for running are true.  So what do we do to bring this victory home for Judge Lowery?

When we started to get up from our couches and organize, speak or hold signs for the tea party movement, we wanted one thing – our country back!  We wanted to find politicians that we could be proud of, leaders that would lead us back to being a strong fiscally conservative and respectable country, and statesman that could assure our future generations prosperity and greatness.

So now my fellow Patriots, it is time to put our money where are mouths are.    There has been a gentleman step up to help fight the special interest money that is being flooded into Mark Kirk and Patrick Hughes.  Donations are necessary to help get the Judge’s message out to more than just the tea party members.

His proposition to you is this:  for every dollar that you contribute to Judge Lowery in the next 24 hours, he will match that donation to the tune of $4,800.  If you can contribute $5, $10, $25 or even $100, your contribution will be doubled.  This offer stands until midnight on January 21st, 2010.  Are you willing to make Illinois proud with a man that has served us all his life and driven his truck 40,000+ miles around this state to spread his message?  If you are, please help us now.  Go to www.judgelowery4ussenate.com and donate as much as you can.

Please forward on to every email address in your group! Thank you for your dedication and contributions!

Southern Illinois Tea Party Patriots

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Independence Caucus Endorses Judge Don Lowery for U.S. Senate

Press Release

Independence Caucus Endorses Judge Don Lowery, for US Senate in the State of Illinois, (January 10, 2010)

– The Independence Caucus is proud to announce their support for US Senate Candidate in the State of Illinois The Independence Caucus carefully chooses candidates based on an extensive vetting process, and after running the gambit, Judge Don Lowery, can now count himself as one of Independence Caucus’ family.

Judge Lowery served 26 years as a Circuit Court Judge in the First Judicial Circuit of Illinois defending the individual liberties of Americans afforded by the U. S. Constitution. He has served in the United States Military. As a member of the U. S. Army, he was serving a tour of duty in Korea during the 1967 Pueblo Crisis. He then volunteered for a tour of duty in Viet Nam. While in Viet Nam, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal.

Judge Lowery believes all of America’s borders should be secured through manpower, technology, and comprehensive inspections. He also believes illegal immigration should be stopped as it is a drain on the national economy and a threat to America’s national security. He a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a longtime Life/Endowment member of the National Rifle Association. He believes it is time to safeguard the integrity of the legislative process. Judge Lowery believes we as a nation should adopt a single-subject law, a comprehensive national energy policy, Term Limits, and downsizing the Federal Government.

“We here at the Independence Caucus are proud to announce our endorsement of this great and Principled Candidate for United State Senate for the Great State of Illinois. To find out more about Judge Lowery’s campaign and platform, visit his website at http://www.judgelowery4ussenate.com/wordpress/.

To find out more information about how to get on board with the Independence Caucus, visit www.icaucus.org .

About Independence Caucus
The Independence Caucus was started by volunteers who came together while working to elect Jason Chaffetz to Congress in 2008., Fed up with unsustainable spending in Washington, and total disregard for Constitutional limits on government authority, Independence Caucus founders realized that incumbents from both parties have been compromised by the “Big Money” special interest groups who fund their perpetual re-election campaigns, and have embarked on a mission to sniff out and expose the incumbents political money trails, and train others across the country exactly how to boot compromised politicians out of office and replace them with ones who will actually represent and listen to their constituents.

The organization has hundreds of researchers and volunteers across the country working to put America back on track.

For more information and to watch a series of videos explaining exactly how the money flows from big money special interests, to the lobbyists, to the politicians, visit www.icaucus.org.