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Progressivism: Philosophy of Evil

“Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.
Ephesians 6:11, 12

When Ronald Reagan labeled the Soviet Union as the “Evil Empire”, the progressives went nuts. When George Bush called Iran, Iraq and North Korea “The Axis of Evil” they went nuts again. Progressivism, the Americanized version of European and Asian socialism, is made up mostly of hard-core socialists and secular humanists. Progressivism does not recognize the concept of evil. It believes in the perfectibility of human nature and the promise of utopia here on earth to be brought about by the enlightened, benevolent hand of government.

Masquerading as the savior of humanity, in reality all socialism, whether labeled socialism, Nazism, fascism, communism, or progressivism is the very essence of evil. During the twentieth century, socialism in its various forms was responsible for the slaughter of untold millions of innocent people through genocide, war, and political purges. In the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics, 60 million were slaughtered; under the Nationalist Socialists German Workers Party, 20 million; and under the People’s Republic of China, 50 million. Add to that the millions who died under Pol Pot, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and other socialists dictators, and you have an unbelievable amount of human suffering that can only be ascribed to evil.

For those unfortunate enough to live under one of the forms of socialism, life consists of misery, oppression and deprivation. Considering the consistent failure of socialism during its hundred and fifty year history, it is difficult to understand how any sane person could voluntarily choose it as the preferred systems of government and economics. There has never been an experiment in socialism of any duration that can be pointed to as an example of a successful culture. Every time it is tried, it fails miserably. To understand this incongruity of human experience we only have to look at the recent history of our own country.

Socialism is never presented as “socialism”. In fact, the most ardent supporters of socialist policies are offended when someone identifies them as socialists. In America, socialism is sold under the pseudonyms of “liberalism”, “progressivism” and occasionally “fiscal conservatism“. For that reason, most people who support socialist policies do so without knowing they are embracing socialism. The essence of socialism is deception. At first glance, it appears that socialist policies are motivated by the highest of human ideals, compassion, concern, caring, sympathy, etc. Socialists’ appeals are made on behalf of the poor, the children, the disenfranchised, and those who have been unfortunate in life’s lottery. The reality is that socialism appeals to the basest of human flaws: jealousy, hatred, greed and envy.

Progressives’ most potent weapon against capitalism is class envy and jealousy. Early on, they perfected the technique of demonizing “big business”. In the late eighteen hundreds progressives discovered that if they stereotyped “big businesses” as the enemy of the very people they served, the people, in return would grant progressives political power, not only over businesses but in other areas as well. Politicians found that by blaming the “robber barons of industry” for the ills of society— and there were many— they could win votes and support for their policies by posing as champions of the oppressed.

In the early stages of the progressive era, the targets were the railroads, oil companies, steel companies, tobacco companies, and others who were instrumental in raising the standard of living for the American People. Progressive demonization of “big business” reached a high point under President William McKinley in1898 with the formation of the “U.S. Industrial Commission on Trusts”. Theodore Roosevelt won the Presidency in 1900 on the basis of his attacks on “big business”, and “trust busting” became the theme for his time in office. However, William Howard Taft who succeeded Roosevelt as President was even more successful, breaking up 90 large firms during his four years in office compared with Roosevelt’s 44 during his eight-year term.

The vilification of “big business” proved so politically successful for the progressives in the beginning that they have continued to use the tactic ever since to gain public support for their policies. The “villain du jour” currently is the insurance industry. A year ago, it was the banks. It all depends on what progressive policy is being pushed at the time. By successfully blaming the banking industry for our current economic woes rather than destructive government economic policies, Congress was able to gain support for its “bailout” packages. It is now attempting the same thing with health care, blaming insurance company “greed” for its high cost in order to gain support for their “reform” proposals.

Unfortunately, it seems to be working. The entity most often blamed by the media, and ultimately the public, for the exorbitant cost of health care is insurance company greed. The fact is that insurance companies are in general no more profitable than other companies of similar size, and a large percentage of their profits come from investments, not premiums. The real greed comes not from capitalism but from progressivism. The number one attraction of progressivism is its promise to provide the public with economic benefits they have not earned by forcefully taking from the earnings of others. This attitude is the epitome of greed.

Deception, corruption, envy, greed, jealously, coercion, thievery and wholesale murder mark the existence of socialism in the world. Socialism in America is represented by the progressives in and out of government, primarily in the Democratic Party but extant in the Republican Party as well, only to a lesser degree. The true “Axis of Evil” in America, that threatens to destroy the most successful system of government in world history are the progressive politicians, public sector unions, and federal bureaucracies.

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A Guide For Conservatives

minute-man-2-lithoThere seems to be a widespread belief that the conservative movement in America is passé, that traditional conservatives are no longer relevant.  We are told that in order to have any influence within our political system we must moderate our views and become more liberal in our thinking.  Times have changed and conservatives must change or be left behind, we are advised.

History tells us otherwise.  Conservatism has always been one of the two driving forces in our political life, as has liberalism.  It is the checks and balances created by these two forces that has made our nation great.  In the four-hundred years since the first permanent settlement was planted on our shores, both liberals and conservatives have made great contributions to our progress.  In the revolutionary era, it was the liberals who led the revolution and penned the Constitution.

For those of you who did not click to another site immediately after reading that last sentence, let me explain.  Conservatives have always had a cautious reverence for tradition and history while liberals have sought change, often just for the sake of change itself.  In the political climate of 1787, the anti-federalists were the repositories of conservative thought and the federalists of liberal thought.  The bitter and sometimes acrimonious debate between the anti-federalists and the federalists is what ultimately led to the creation of the most enduring and near perfect political document in history, the U.S. Constitution.

The Anti-federalists feared the establishment of a strong federal government such as the one proposed by Hamilton, Adams, Jay and others, because they foresaw the eventual usurpation of the power of state governments and the dilution of the power of the people leading to tyranny.  It was anti-federalists like Patrick Henry and George Clinton who insisted on limiting the power of government and including a “Bill of Rights” as an addendum to the Constitution.

The federalist, on the other hand, believed there was no need to include a Bill of Rights in the final version of the Constitution since the Constitution did not give the federal government the powers necessary to infringe on the rights of the people.  Fortunately, for us, the anti-federalist won the debate and history has proven them right.

That debate over the Constitution, to a great extent, defined the roles of conservatives and liberals in the ages to follow.  The primary role of the conservative movement has been to check the excesses of liberalism in the progress of our country.  That role is more important today than ever before.

The traditional, patriotic liberalism of the founders has died away to be replaced by a radical socialism that threatens to revolutionize our culture, abolish our liberties, and appropriate the fruits of our labors.  One of the reasons for the death of liberalism and the rise of socialism is a disdain for the Constitution.  In my opinion, the American people are among the best and brightest people on earth, but they are undermined by an almost universal ignorance of our history and the principles set forth in our founding documents.

If conservatives are to be successful in their historical role of defending liberty and freedom, it is imperative that they understand the importance of our founding documents.  The Constitution is the only obstacle that stands between us and tyranny, yet few of us take the time to understand its importance or the demands it places on us and our leaders. We have less than two years to revitalize the conservative movement and begin to counter the advances of socialism.  If we are to preserve the effectiveness of the movement, we must devote some of our resources to promoting a knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution.

To help in this effort we are changing the focus of our website. Our new focus will be to provide an easy to use and understand resource for learning about the Constitution.  We have just posted the first sixty pages in a new section on our website.  I encourage you to check it out and recommend it to others. It contains searchable copies of the Constitution in three different formats, the Bill of Rights plus the additional sixteen amendments, and the Declaration of Independence.

We will be adding notes and comments on important passages and phrases as we go along.  New postings to the section will be announced on the home page of the website and on our two blogs, the Illinois Conservative Beacon and the Constitution Sentinel. My goal is to keep the new section as free of subjective opinion as possible, using historical facts and documents to put together notes, comments and other references.  I will still however, post opinions on current events on our two blogs.

Please check it out and provide me with your comments and suggestions. Click here to check it out, or you can find it by going to our home page and clicking on Conservative Manifesto in the navigation bar.