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Lessons From NY23

minute-man-2-lithoThe post mortem on the race in New York Congressional District 23 has been going on for four days now.  It’s both fun and frustrating to watch.  There are three undeniable facts that have emerged so far, although the wizards of all political parties are denying them all.

First, if the Republicans are going to take back Congress they need to run and back conservative candidates.  If the American people want socialism, they will vote for the real thing, not a knock-off.  The responsibility for the loss in NY23 has to go to one place only– The leadership of the Republican Party at the national and local level.  Had Doug Hoffman, or any other solid conservative candidate been running as a Republican with party support the outcome would have been more lop-sided in favor of the Republicans than the results in Virginia.

Second, Conservatives cannot win elections by splitting the Republican ticket.  Real politics is about ideology, not party power.  Political parties reside on a continuum with individual liberty on the right and state tyranny on the left.  Modern Democrats exist on the extreme left of that continuum while most Republicans–except the leadership—exist somewhere on the right with most Conservative Parties to the right of the Republican.  In a three-way race, the ideological group that is united behind a single candidate will win every time.

When a conservative third party candidate, splits the conservative votes with the Republican Party, the Socialist/Democrats are always going to come out on top.  That is perhaps the primary lesson in both the NY23 race and the N.J. Governor’s race.

The New Jersey race also brings up another truism.  The stronger the third party candidate is; the more certain it is that the party united behind a single ideological position is going to win.  Had Daggett, running as an independent, gotten just a few more percentage points, Corzine would have been the winner instead of Christie.

Another lesson is that all politics is not local, although it should be.  Conservative leaders from all over the country got behind Doug Hoffman, forcing his ill-advised opponent on the Republican Ticket to drop out of the race.  Unfortunately slightly more than 5% of the Republicans—who probably do not listen to the news or read the papers—evidently did not know Scozzafava had dropped out and voted for her anyway.  It was these voters who elected the Democrat Owens.

This “meddling” in local politics by outside “special interest” (U.S. patriots) is being roundly criticized by the local media and a number of national commentators, overlooking one important fact.  Congressman Owens is not only going to be shoveling “pork” into Northern New York, at the expense of taxpayers in other states, he is also going to be “meddling” in the personal lives of citizens in 49 other states through his support of socialist policies being pushed by the Democratic Party.  When Congress stops exercising powers not given to it by the Constitution, there will be no reason for “outsiders” to concern themselves with national candidates running in local elections.  Until then, “get used to it”.

The big loser Tuesday was Newt Gingrich and the Republican “old guard” establishment.  In backing Scozzafava instead of Hoffman, Newt became the poster boy for the professional  politician who puts loyalty to the Party above loyalty to the Country.  The big winners were the conservative leaders who went against their party and backed Hoffman, based on principles, not on political advantage.