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Tea Partiers Rattle the Left

The Liberals are beginning to get nervous.  It seems they have established a website solely for the purpose of demonizing tea party groups and the conservative candidates they support.  The good news is that what they condemn is exactly what makes the candidates attractive to tea party patriots.  Hope they stick around for awhile.  It is a great way of letting those outside the normal influence of conservative websites know there are alternatives to the dead-end policies of the Democrat Party.

We received the following email from George Pearson, Campaign Director for David McAloon, running for the 11th Congressional District and one of the candidates endorsed by ICAN. With George’s permission we are posting it here. (slightly edited)

There is a website; www.theteapartyisover.org that is calling the tea parties dangerous and extreme.  They are also posting the photos of Illinois candidates who are supported by the tea parties along with their campaign phone numbers and their stances.

I have fielded several calls from across the nation encouraging David and the others to continue their push.  So, who is behind this?  A group known as the American Public Policy Committee; a faction funded by the Patriot Majority and the Patriot Majority West, according to opensecrets.org.  They are based in Washington, D.C., at an address housing a law firm and several Liberal Democrat 527 PACs.  The sad part is that I retrieved the data about these establishments from a citizen based organization that contained more that what the FEC has posted on their website.

This group does not like the conservative message of pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Obama and low taxes because it has been the only force capable of stopping Obama, Pelosi, and Reid from accomplishing their far left wing agenda.

Although President Obama scorned The Supreme Court’s decision on corporate political advertising, he failed to denounce the hundreds of millions of dollars the foreigner George Soros has donated to his and other Democrats’ campaigns.  The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

The Tea Party organizations have been a lightening rod.  They now realize it is a force to be reckoned with and not to be dismissed as “fringe movements” or “Astroturf”.  The Tea Parties must stay united under the main cause; freedom from tyranny, liberty for all, and the upholding of the U.S. Constitution.

One thing struck me as funny, I did not see the names of the establishment candidates listed, only the constitutional candidates supported by the Tea Partiers.  Apparently the liberals do not see them as a threat.  Well done Tea Partiers!

David is encouraged by the out pouring of positive phone calls and rally calls of tea party goers from across the nation.  He would like to thank each of you; the heart and soul of this great emergence, for all your help and support.

Remember, this is just another failed progressive attempt to silence the majority.  Now, let’s join our fellow tea partiers from New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts, by electing candidates dedicated to the principles and values of the Founding Fathers.

George Pearson,
Campaign Director for
David McAloon for the 11th Congressional District.
Thank you.

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