“Liberal” Banned From Website

In keeping with our new crusade for accuracy in political labeling, we will no longer post an article or comment containing the word “liberal” when applied to a political figure or position.  The word “liberal” has lost all meaning over the past forty or fifty years.  Instead, we will use the word “progressive”. Progressive has a recognized meaning and a long history of use.  In a campaign speech in Madison, Wisconsin, February 12, 2008 Barack Obama remarked, “And where better to affirm our ideals than here in Wisconsin, where a century ago the progressive movement was born”.

His reference was to the work of Senator Robert M. La Folette of Wisconsin, the driving force of the progressive movement at the turn of the nineteenth century. The progressive movement was the political rival of the socialist movement led, at the time, by Eugene Debs of Indiana. La Folette attempted to gain the Progressive Party’s nomination for President in 1912 but lost the primary to fellow progressive, Theodore Roosevelt. The progressive movement eventually found its home in the Democrat party and became the popular voice of American socialism.

Progressivism, the Americanized version of European socialism is more descriptive of the policies of the Democrat party than “liberal” and is more difficult to deny than “socialism” since this is the term Democrats routinely apply to themselves. At the same time, it more accurately describes the political views of “moderate” republicans and many self-identified fiscal conservatives. It is more accurate to use the terms “Progressive Republican” and “Conservative Progressive” or “Progressive-Conservative” to identify these groups.

It is not uncommon to hear someone refer to his or her political views as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. What they usually mean is that they are opposed to the reckless spending and high taxes connected with progressive policies but they support unconstitutional federal regulations and spending on education, energy use, health care and many of the other unconstitutional federal policies prevalent in today’s America.  Many also support abortion, gay marriage, and more liberalized laws regulating recreational drugs.  “Fiscal conservative” is not an accurate label for this political group. “Progressive-conservative” more accurately describes the moral confusion inherent in their conflicted political views.

“Classic republicanism” and “classic conservatism” both refer to the rule of law applied to government and adherence to the governing principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Only those supporting these principles should rightly be labeled conservatives.

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3 responses to ““Liberal” Banned From Website

  1. I believe “progressive,” “liberal,” and other such words all started out as euphemisms of “Marxism,” only to a lesser degree in most cases. It’s uncommon for people to admit being Marxists, though. Therefore, I think the only real overarching term can be “leftist,” since all the dumbed-down terms we’ve adopted over the years correspond with an affinity to one end of the political spectrum.

    I agree with the general meanings of your post, and I think it is important to define terms as you are attempting to. But I also think the word, “progressive” has somewhat positive implications, since it is reminiscent of progress. Using it lets leftists off the hook.

    • Jacob,

      The reason I prefer “progressive” is because it has a precise meaning that can be verified by checking its usage for the past hundred years. American socialists have been getting away with denying they are actually socialists since the late eighteen hundreds. Its time we called a “duck” a duck.

      Democrats cooperate by calling themselves progressives because of the positive implications associated with the word, as you mention. We need to educate the public as to just what that word means. American Progressives and European Socialists have the same agenda and share the same philosophy of government; yet progressives have been allowed to plausibly deny they are socialists by pointing out the minor variations between to two.

      This is confusing to the average voter who does not have the time to study history and all the variations of socialism. They need to understand that “progressivism” is only the American name for “socialism”. It is also helpful in distinguishing the Republicans and others who support progressive policies without realizing they are actually socialist policies. Most Americans are well aware of the dangers of socialism but unaware that “progressivism” is just the American word for the same poison. Why use a euphemism when the real word more accurately conveys the meaning?

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